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What’s An Accredited Investor Lead?

Hi everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads.tv. This is Teeny-weeny. She’s Head of Security for the office. And we’re talking about accredited investor leads and accredited investor lists. It’s all the same and we have them. What’s an … Continue reading

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Accredited Investor Qualifications

Will the SEC Change the Accredited Investor Qualifications? The SEC sets the accredited investor qualifications criteria and hasn’t made changes to the income qualification since 1982. In order for an investor to be considered accredited, they need to make $200,000 … Continue reading

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Learn What Makes a Qualified Investor

Whether raising money for a private placement or building your portfolio of investment clients, working with a qualified investor will help to improve your success. By working with a premier group of investors, you will be able to accomplish more … Continue reading

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