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Not All are Served

by John Fischer, CEO of

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Sorry Buddy, No Lists For You!

I’ve learned a thing or two in the last 22 years of running the dominant lead list service in the country. One piece of wisdom that I’ve learned is that I can’t do business with certain individuals, companies and industries that will reflect poorly on my business ethics, even if this policy costs me sales. I know it isn’t a fashionable stance nowadays, but this practice has served me well over the years. It’s also a pain in the butt because I get phone calls every week from people I have to turn down – to their amazement.

In general, I try to avoid industries that have a history of regulatory and non-compliance problems. I especially look out for companies that try to take advantage of senior citizens and the poor. Let me enumerate some of the types of customers that I will not do business with:

  • Timeshares: There has been a rise in timeshare scams during the down economy, as fraudsters prey on timeshare owners who want to unload their properties. Some guys take huge fees up front for non-existent sales, leaving the timeshare owners holding the bag.
  • Travel Scams: Ever get a letter saying you’ve won a free weekend somewhere exotic? The price you pay for the trip is a slick, unrelenting sales pitch for overpriced timeshares that result in instant regret.
  • Extended Auto Warranty Salesmen: The Shelby Act of 2000 made it illegal for states to sell lists of vehicle identification numbers, driver licenses and motor vehicle licenses unless they offered notice and opt-in to people on these lists. We don’t offer these kinds of lists, though I regularly get phone calls from salesman looking for this information.
  • Sweepstakes Scams: Older people are targeted by phony win-notification letters for non-existent sweepstakes. Often, these scammers ask for payment in order to expedite the prize payment or cover “handling” charges or “service” fees. Sometimes they even send you a large fraudulent check that can cost you fines and even jail time.
  • Credit Repair Counselors: You can’t tell the good ones from the frauds, so I avoid the all. This includes fly-by-night loan modification scams.
  • Leverage Precious Metal Brokers: This is my pet peeve and my biggest heartburn, and we’ve posted blogs about this. Dodd-Frank Section 742 clearly prohibits leveraged OTC sale of precious metals to anyone not taking delivery within 28 days. I get phone calls every week from shady metals brokers trying to buy lists. Stop Trying!! I haven’t sold to these people in over two years.

I invite your comments and hope that this helps you understand the high ethical standard I maintain here at

What is a List Service Provider? is a lead list service provider of the lists that we sell. What this means, simply, is that every list that a client orders is cleaned and scrubbed against the DNC (Do Not Call Registry) as well as the 11 that have their own DNC’s. Selling a list is half the process–servicing our clients’ list is the other, equally important part of the process.

Every Lead List a Client Orders from is Cleaned and Scrubbed

There are hundreds of ways to obtain a list, however if that list is not scrubbed every 30 days, you or your company run the risk of breaking FTC compliance. Not to mention, the number of disconnects and wrong numbers will continue to pile up until the list dwindles down to less than half of what you originally bought. A professional list service provider scrubs your list every 30 days and keeps you compliant with the FTC. goes the extra mile and even REPLACES your disconnects 2 for 1. It is how we maintain the integrity of our own database as well as a long-term relationship with our clients.