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What’s An Accredited Investor Lead?

Hi everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads.tv. This is Teeny-weeny. She’s Head of Security for the office. And we’re talking about accredited investor leads and accredited investor lists. It’s all the same and we have them. What’s an … Continue reading

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Direct Mail Investor Lists and How to Use Them

Direct mail lists can help investment managers target people who may have an interest in expanding their investment opportunities. Direct mail lists have several benefits that can work in favor of investment managers and investors. Businesses can even use accredited … Continue reading

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Financial Sales Leads to Grow Your Business

If you are in the financial services industry, financial sales leads can help you to close more deals and grow your business. It is a competitive industry, and in order to stay on top you have to continue reaching more … Continue reading

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How to Get a Quality Lead List

If you’re in sales, a quality lead list is the first step to closing more deals If you’re working from an old or stale lead list, you could be wasting time by calling numbers that have been disconnected or asking … Continue reading

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American Greed

We were watching one of our favorite shows, CNBC’s American Greed – The Fugitives, last week when we suddenly sat bolt upright in our seat. The story that came on involved a notorious OTC leveraged metal crook, Luis Ferreira, aka … Continue reading

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Telemarketing Tips – Part Two

Effective Telemarketing Techniques Last week, we began a discussion of effective telemarketing techniques. We offered several tips to help you make a personal connection with a prospect, establish your company’s trustworthiness and then offer something valuable for free. As a … Continue reading

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Telemarketing Tips – Part One

SalesLeads.tv is a leading purveyor of lead lists for various businesses, including oil & gas investors, collectors, accredited investors, Hispanic businesses, etc. Our lead lists are frequently the basis for a company’s telemarketing campaigns. Telemarketing is a type of push … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of Hispanic Businesses

We have been very impressed by the massive turnout of young undocumented residents as they applied for temporary status so that they can attend college or join the military. As you know, SalesLeads.tv sells a lot of lists containing Hispanic … Continue reading

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Lead Pricing

We are sometimes asked why we sell our leads for $0.25 to $0.50 each, while some of our competitors sell leads for $0.07. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain the difference between our leads and those of the … Continue reading

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Not All are Served

by John Fischer, CEO of SalesLeads.tv I’ve learned a thing or two in the last 22 years of running the dominant lead list service in the country. One piece of wisdom that I’ve learned is that I can’t do business … Continue reading

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