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80% of People Targeted by Investment Scams

Yahoo news reported a shocking statistic.  Almost 80% of US adults have been targeted by an investment scam.  FINRA conducted the poll and found that 40% of the people surveyed were unable to recognize the classic red flags of an … Continue reading

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AIC Capital Group Charged with Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged the founder of New York based AIC Capital Group, Fredrick D. Scott, with defrauding his investors while simultaneously grossly misrepresenting the amount of assets under his control. According to the complaint filed by … Continue reading

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Miami Charged With Civil Securities Fraud

SEC Charges the City of Miami With Civil Securities Fraud The Securities and Exchange Commission accused the city of Miami of civil securities fraud on Friday, charging that the city and its former budget director were playing “shell games” with … Continue reading

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Fighting Lead List Fraud

7 Ways to Help Fight Lead List Fraud No one doubts the value of sales lead lists and surveys prepared by reputable vendors. Many sales organizations rely on the data on these lists to find leads, qualify prospects, and pursue … Continue reading

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