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How to Follow Up and Close Sales Leads

Once you have reached a sales lead it is important to capture their interest and make them excited to learn more.  Some types of sales can be closed on the first try where others require a longer sales cycle and … Continue reading

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Cold Calling Tips for Success

Before you pick up the phone to dial, use our cold calling tips to make sure that your calls generate leads and closed sales.  Cold calling isn’t something that most people look forward to doing.  It is, however, an important … Continue reading

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Telemarketing Rules When Calling Businesses

When starting a cold calling campaign, it’s important to understand what the telemarketing rules are, TCPA regulations, and guidelines so that you can stay in compliance and avoid any potential fines. Most regulations revolve around calling consumers but many sales … Continue reading

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Rules Around Telemarketing Securities

Getting Familiar with SEC Telemarketing Rules Many firms use telemarketing as a way to reach their customers. An often criticized approach, it is also highly effective in getting people to engage in conversation which is the first step to closing … Continue reading

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Telemarketing Tips – Part One

SalesLeads.tv is a leading purveyor of lead lists for various businesses, including oil & gas investors, collectors, accredited investors, Hispanic businesses, etc. Our lead lists are frequently the basis for a company’s telemarketing campaigns. Telemarketing is a type of push … Continue reading

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Spotlight Shined on DNC Abusers

Sales Leads.tv takes the National Do Not Call Registry laws very seriously. We certify that any list we sell has been verified not only against the national list, but also against any relevant state lists. That’s why it makes our … Continue reading

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Fighting Lead List Fraud

7 Ways to Help Fight Lead List Fraud No one doubts the value of sales lead lists and surveys prepared by reputable vendors. Many sales organizations rely on the data on these lists to find leads, qualify prospects, and pursue … Continue reading

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What is a List Service Provider?

Salesleads.tv is a lead list service provider of the lists that we sell. What this means, simply, is that every list that a client orders is cleaned and scrubbed against the DNC (Do Not Call Registry) as well as the … Continue reading

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