Close more sales while the economy is hot and people are looking to invest and spend money on growth. Now is the right time to be in sales, no matter what product or service you are selling. But, how do you make the most of each opportunity? How do you turn a prospect into a closed deal? It starts by following simple steps and being intentional in your process.

4 Steps to Close More Sales

Take these steps before you start making sales calls and you will increase your close ratio and Make More Money!

#1 Refine your target audience

Who is your target audience? Many salespeople make the mistake of answering in broad terms like “businesses” or “adults with money”. That is way too broad. You need to narrow down your target audience by considering who would purchase your product or service and who would get the most use from it. If you have closed sales recently, make a list of all the attributes of those buyers. Are they male/female, young/old, middle class/wealthy, a startup business or established firm? Write out all of the details you can think of in order to order sales leads that match the profile of your target audience.

#2 Test your pitch

You may only have minutes to make the case for why someone should work with you or buy from you. Every second of what you say has to count. So, how do you know which sales pitch is the best? The best way is to practice. If you have a sales leads list, break it into several smaller lists. Create a different sales pitch for each list. Then, compare the results from each list to determine which one is the most effective so you can use it going forward.

#3 Know your stuff

Sophisticated buyers are going to ask you questions. Be prepared. An easy suggestion is to ask a colleague or friend who is unfamiliar with your product or service to listen to your pitch and ask every question they can think of. Write down their questions and the answers so that you won’t be caught by surprised on a sales call or in a meeting.

#4 Buy sales leads

One of the hardest things for salespeople is prospecting. Not knowing who to contact can be a total waste of time because you can spend weeks without reaching the right person. Save your time and close more sales by ordering a list of sales leads using the target audience attributes you listed out in step one. This way, you are making a call to the right person every time.

Close More Sales with Sales Leads

Ordering a list of sales leads is the best and fastest way to close more sales. It doesn’t take months or even weeks. You can get a list of leads right away by calling John at 561-239-0364. With over twenty years in the business, John Fischer is who salespeople turn to when they want leads that will turn to gold.

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