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John Fischer, CEO

John Fischer, CEO

Anyone who reads about such spiritual principals as the Law of Attraction understands (or at the very least learns) about the power within them.

But there are circumstances when people are born into families where they are not introduced to these principles and therefore the path to spiritual enlightenment becomes that much longer and that much more difficult. Especially if their parents have troubles of their own. Such was the case of our founder John Fischer.

John is a 72-year-old list broker whose parents were Holocaust survivors.

John’s life was interesting and different from the get go. His mother moved to Miami Beach from Cuba to give birth to him. They stayed in Miami for 6 months, when John automatically become an American Citizen. Once John was six months old they ventured back to Cuba. John lived in Cuba until 1961. Jan. 1, 1959 the Cuban Revolution occurred. In those two years a beautiful prosperous country was turned into shambles by Castro’s socialism and capitalism. The government took everything from everyone. John’s family lost everything – homes, money, businesses and family was forced to move from Cuba. Jews were being forced to cut sugar cane, and the PLO set up training camps in Cuba, this was not a safe place to be a Jew.

John’s family was very wealthy. They owned homes, ranches, and land. They had to leave all of that behind. Since John was the only American citizen he was allowed to bring $2,500 to America; everyone else was only allowed to bring $5 each. They lost everything. The family ended up in New York soon after his parents divorced.

John was raised by his mother, who really tried her best to raise John and his siblings, while dealing with her own past. John was sometimes physically abusedas a child. In therapy John learned abused people abuse people.

Unfortunately, John did not have much of a childhood, as he was a child model who thought he was saving money for a pet shop when he was 18. However, he actually later learned that his parents used the money to support the entire family.

In 1970 John actually joined the Army where he served for 6 years. After the army, John and his family moved back to Miami where John moved into music.

He was quite successful promoting the likes of Billy Joel and Bob Segar and also ran most record departments in most major retail stores in Florida. However, like so many in the industry, he unfortunately got caught up in drugs and alcohol and his life really got out of control.

It actually got so bad that he had to get help. It wasn’t until 1984 that John became clean and sober. He’s been clean and sober for 39 years, but the road back though was not an easy one for John. He had low self-esteem and an estranged relationship with his mother. Not to mention he had to start a new career.

Therapy eventually helped him rekindle his relationship with his mother (after 6 years of not speaking to each other). At the end though, John and his mother worked things out and became very close before she passed.

From a self-esteem perspective, it took time to regain it and that was only achieved by tapping into his recovery and his spiritual side. In fact it was eventually served as the basis for the very successful business he built and still runs today – SalesLeads.tv.

At SalesLeads.tv, John and his team sells accredited investors and numismatic coin buyer names, addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes emails to brokers and others in the financial industry.

Being in the lead list industry requires building a vast network and he needed to believe in himself in order to be successful. From John’s perspective, people are attracted to him because of how he feels about himself. But John also understands the power of thinking big and recognizes that limiting beliefs can really hold you back.

At this point in his life, John is really happy and loves himself. It has taken him a very long time, but he’s also reached a point where he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about him. His business is very successful and he has no plans of stopping.

For more than 17 years, he’s had this vision of a high-end online magazine that highlights high- end fun products for men and women. He’s finally following through on his dream, launching ToysforBigBoys.com.

John also believes in the power of being disciplined and demonstrates it regularly, as he takes care of himself, eats right and doing what’s right in business. As he said, it’s so easy to make money doing the wrong thing, but he won’t do it because it doesn’t align to his spiritual beliefs. John also recognizes that even at the age of 72 he doesn’t know it all and remains teachable and is always learning.

When asked what advice he would give others, John had this to say:

We all have an operating system. Most of them are flawed because they were inputted by our parents. So you have to have the courage to take a look at yourself and to shift from what’s right or wrong to what works in your life. Or in other words, develop an operating system that works for you.

You do this through introspection. This means having the ability to take a look at yourself and having the courage to shift. No one has the courage to step out of the box of mediocracy. Most people think they don’t deserve to have the kind of life they want. Have the courage to challenge your belief system and shift. Finding the tools out there and within to make that shift.

Some sound advice from John.

Now it’s your turn. Are you stuck in mediocracy, or do you break out of it? If so, how?

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