Hi, everybody. John Fischer, salesleads.tv.  If you’re looking for ‘gold and silver investor leads’ or you’re looking for ‘gold and silver leads’, these are the certain terms, or what we call keywords, or terms, search terms, you use when you go to Yahoo!, Google, Bing, whatever is is, looking for leads.  Also, ‘numismatic-coin buyers’, ‘numismatic-coin leads’, all the above, we sell them.  We only sell people that have bought in the past. We wait for the company to go out of business, and then we purchase their client list.  I would much rather talk to a guy that has purchased before and has a history of writing a check than calling some guy that requested the information.

We’re trying to streamline this process of you turning my lead into an investor- someone that’s gonna buy your product.  And in the precious metals, numismatic coin are IRA bullion arena.   I have found, because I used to sell it back in the old days, I would much rather talk to someone that has written  a check and actually has gold, silver, numismatic coins sitting in a safe.  So, remember, if you’re looking for ‘precious-metal leads’, ‘IRA-gold leads’,  ‘numismatic-coin buyers’, ‘silver-and-gold-coin buyers’, or whatever that search term you’re using, we have forty-five thousand of ‘em.  They are a dollar apiece, thousand dollar minimum, and I’ll tell you what- you’re gonna get a lot of business off those.  Cuz, you know what, if you go into my safe right now and open it up, you’re gonna see a lot of silver; you’re gonna see a lot of gold coins; you’re gonna see St. Gaudens high-relief coins; you’re gonna see Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles.  I mean, a lot of us understand that, one of these days, that US dollar is gonna fall on its tush, and guess what, it may get so bad that only gold and silver will be the defining currency.  So, I happen to be believer of that.  And if you’re looking for those types of leads, we have ‘em.

  If you have any questions, call me: 561-239- 0364.  I am a silver bull. My name is John Fischer.  Thank you for your time, and God bless.


We Have Qualified Gold and Silver Investor Leads 

Today is January 5th, 2016 and I’m feeling pretty depressed about the gold and silver metal prices. It’s really crazy. I’m an ex-commodity broker. I just can’t believe all the volatility with Saudi Arabia and Iran cutting ties; Syria, ISIS, terrorism, all the nuts and craziness!

Back when I was a commodity broker (in the ’80s), something like this would be locked up. I mean, everything is so upside down. Gold would be sitting at three or four thousand dollars an ounce and silver would be at least 40 or 50. And right now, it’s sitting there bottoming out!

I know you poor guys have a tough time selling a metals market that’s down like that. I mean, what investor wants buy something that’s going down, down, down, down? Us closers know that is the best time. And you know what’s crazy? Some investors have to wait to see a substantial move in a market before they say, “Okay, maybe it’s time to get back in again.”  But that’s the wrong time to do it! When everyone says “No”, that’s when you should be doing it. But that’s not my job, we don’t do investments. What we do is sell serious investor leads. And we have the leads.

Best Leads for Bullion and Numismatic Coin Investors

Here at SalesLeads.tv, we have precious metal buyers and IRA buyers. We’ve got the best list file available when it comes to precious metal and numismatic coins. And the important thing is that even when we run out of those leads, (and we’ve got tons of them there’s these basic oil and gas investor leads that are accredited, 25,000 minimum, million net worth. And those guys can buy a hundred ounce silver, or a hundred ounce gold position, or 5,000 ounce silver position. Now that you’re selling bullion, there’s no more leverage and there’s no more ripping off. There’s no more of that 30%, 40% that are not even hedging the metals. I didn’t like that whole leverage deal. But now that everyone’s doing bullion ( with that 1%, 2%, 3% that most people are charging over a spot) you have to do a big deal to get a decent commission.

What you should know about the Gold and Silver Leads Business

Hypothetically, if gold’s at a $1000 and you’re selling a hundred ounces in gold at one thousand bucks, hundred thousand. So you’re going to make 2%, 3% percent over that. You’ll make two or three thousand dollars on that transaction, and that’s not so bad.

So I would focus a lot more if you’re selling gold and silver (specifically bullion on leads), on those 100 ounce gold positions, 5,000 ounce silver positions. And the accredited investor (the oil and gas leads) are the ones that can handle that kind of money. They could handle that $100,000, $150,000 dollar investment.

The Small Guys “Numismatic Coin Buyers”

As far as the small guy gold and silver investor leads (the numismatic coin buyers), we have a ton of those. In Minnesota, a lot of companies went belly up because they changed all the rules and regulations. From time to time, companies just can’t make it through the rough times. It’s just tough to sell into a bear market. And right now, there are a lot of those companies going under. And guess what, their assets become available for sale. I own SalesLeads.TV. And when someone’s looking to sell leads, they call me up say, “Hey John, I just closed down my company. I’m looking to sell my assets. What would you give me for my clients? What would you give me for all my prospects?. What would you give me for my radio leads, my TV show leads?”  I’ve got those.

If you have questions or would like more information about gold and silver investor leads, give me a call at 561-981-8777.  – John Fischer, SalesLeads.tv