Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to saleslead.tv. I want to talk about accredited investor. What is an accredited investor pretty simple I mean if you look at the security exchange commission rules they define an accredited investor as someone that makes at least 200,000 a year for the last two years or 300,000 combined million net worth not including their home and experience in managing their personal portfolio. So why you know why do we always ask about accredited investors, what’s the big deal about an accredited investor? Well if you’re doing a private placement the security exchange commission specifically tells you that unless you’re doing a reg d 504 or a 505 or 506 the old ones where you had this 35 exemption which is not a good idea but you were able to bring in people, 35 of them that were not accredited and all that did was open you up for scrutiny. The new 506 c as a Charlie little c as a Charlie, that one you don’t have to worry about pre-existing uh relationships or anything like that uh friends and family you could solicit you could advertise, but they must be accredited. So remember when you’re ordering leads make sure you’re specific that info USA stuff that investorlead.com, lead genie, sales genie any of that stuff it’s modeled information. It’s a zip plus four average, they take everybody in that zip and then they add all their incomes, home values, all their demographics and then they take the average and hand that to everybody. I mean you have to have a guy who’s accredited, he’s been mailed the private placement memorandum, he’s been vetted by a broker dealer and he’s you know he’s qualified 25 to 50,000 that’s what we sell. So remember if you’re looking for accredited investors salesleads.tv is the right place to find them. We’ve been doing it for 30 years, we have an A+ rating we can take care of all your needs. If you have a san number we’ll scrub, if you don’t we’ll get you one, if you don’t want a san number you’ll sign my indemnity form. I do have 1.3 million litigators, these are the troublemakers and I’ve done very very well keeping up with that. Pretty messy situation right now because the do not call is at 250 million people, there’s not many people left that are not on the do not call so it’s quite a dilemma. Anyway if you have any other questions feel free to call me John Fischer 561-239-0364 your source salesleads.tv for accredited investors.