Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. Accredited investor, Uh! Polly, I want a cracker, I mean it’s crazy. What is an accredited investor? This is not a definition of an accredited investor, it’s just accredited investor. Accredited investor, $200,000 income last two years, $300,000 combined with his wife or other, million net worth not including his home, experienced in managing his portfolio. That’s what an accredited investor. Salesleads.tv, we’re taking a step further. 90% of our leads are what we call private placement memorandum recipients. So the broker dealer, not only vetted the guys being accredited, asked him if he’s making $200,000 for the last two years, $300,000 combined, million net worth etc. They also say hey, it’s $25,000 to $50,000, a comfortable entry level for a first time investor, or they may say, what’s the following best describes a comfortable entry level for you, a first time investor, 25 50 or 100. Then they mailed him from placement memorandum. At salesleads.tv, you don’t only get accredited investor, but you also the money qualified risk capital, like I said before 25 through 100, and the guy receives the private placement memorandum. 20% of the brokers out there know what they’re doing, 80%, I don’t know, maybe half of those guys know how to prospect. I mean it’s a real rule of thumb for years and years and years, the 20% of the broker, 80% of the business. What we do is buy that paper that edgy paper and go on to the subsequent, by the way super valid. The 80% that can’t close the zippers have no other job, and that guy is still possible close. I’ve made my living before I even started the leads business, doing nothing, but Angie pay for that. That’s all I ever do. Angie leads the money thought I wasn’t good. When you’re a killer, you’d go in there and you can real fast find out what the objection is. Either overcome the objection or move on with your life. That’s why our stuff work so well. You also have some opt-in stuff that’s perfect. If you’re looking for accredited investor, we aren’t the only source you need to go to. $0.50 apiece 5,000 2,500 12.50. We scrub against 1.3 million, DNC litigators, you don’t know what is, you should know, google it. By the way, if you have these brokers not scrubbing against the DNC litigators, ridiculous, putting you a big list. Stand number, got one, I’m a service provider, I scrub your leads. You don’t have, I’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t wanna get one, you sign my indemnity letter, and as long as you indemnify me, I can’t scrub against the law. Some of your friends out in California they’ll go along with those brothers, that’s what happened to them. If you have any question, call me 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day.