Hi, everybody. John Fischer- salesleads.tv. You know, we noticed this accredited investor database. You know, it’s… I’ve never…I can’t remember anyone going to Google or anyone calling me up and saying, ‘Hey, I’m interested in an accredited investor database.’ But, apparently, some of you guys do request that. And, again, what do we sell? We sell accredited investors. What makes us different than everybody else? They’re my clients, 29 years, A+ rating, no complaints. We buy from our own people. We don’t buy from the outside people that have selling it to everybody, especially the crew out in California and Illinois, what we call the Village Bike. It’s been ridden by everybody.

There’s 500,000 leads that I’ve identified as being accredited, being mailed a private placement memorandum, being vetted by a broker-dealer. 300,000 of those I consider the Village Bike. When I buy leads, I have those 300,000 phone numbers, and I tell people, before I buy a list, I wanna see the phone numbers. I wanna see how many I own, how many are the ‘do not call’, how many are on the litigator’s list, how many are on the ‘troublemakers’ list. I mean, I could take a look at those phone numbers and tell exactly what I’m looking at. I could tell if it’s Village Bike, and I immediately reject it. So, there is a science to this, and when you’ve been in the business 29 years, you pretty much own 90% of everything that’s out there. So I’m able to tell ya what’s good and what’s not, and we’ve done very, very well with that.

Again, A+ rating, no complaints in 29 years, it’s gotta tell you something. I know what I’m doing. I’m a closer. I’ve been involved in many, many sales before. I was an excellent closer. And, right now, this is what I do for a living- I sell leads. So if you want someone with experience, someone with integrity, someone that’s not gonna sell you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama. You don’t sell people those states; they’re problematic. People that get rid of the troublemakers, get rid of the litigators, people that really care about ya. I’m your guy. You have any questions? John Fischer. 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day. God bless.