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What is an accredited investor entity?

An accredited investor entity is a company that has the ability to invest in equity, debt, and convertible debentures.

Accredited investor entities, because they are qualified investors, are people or entities that have a net worth of at least $1 million excluding their primary residence. Many times these investors are offered private placements as well as syndicate/limited partner opportunities.

What is qualifying net worth?

A person’s or entity’s entire assets must be valued and included in this calculation. For example, if you have $500k in stocks and bonds but owe $600k on your home and the bank owns it until you pay off your mortgage, then you do not meet the standards for an accredited investor entity.

REITs are not accredited investor entities. They, like publicly traded corporations, must meet the requirements of a publicly traded corporation.

How can I use accredited investor leads to grow my business?

Accredited investor leads have been in high demand for a number of years. The use of these leads has helped companies to build their portfolios, bring in funding, and secure corporate partnerships. Because of that demand, many investment banks and brokerage companies have made these types of leads their specialty.

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