Hi Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to sales leads TV accredited investor lead. So we know what a credit investor is. 2000 income million net worth, not including their home experience in managing their personal portfolio.

And what a lead is, is pretty much a name, address and a phone number. So the formula for Sales Leads TV 32 years a plus rating is real simple. We go to these brokerdealers that are marked Marketing Private placements and we buy their paper.

Their paper being people that they have bought. Leads Prospected Qualified swore for sure that this guy is going to be a deal. Mailed him a private placement memorandum and for some reason he didn’t buy.

And just because he didn’t buy it means nothing. 20% of the brokers write 80% of the business and now I change the rule to 10% of the brokers, right? 90% of the business. It’s a big, big talent to be able to get somebody to close deals, especially 25 5100 thousand dollars deals.

It’s not easy. And the art has been lost. Old school is almost gone. People have gotten old like poor lulme. And the bottom line is it’s very, very hard to find these people. It really is. And I know you guys hate to hear this, but the leads are as good as the guys are calling and these people have gotten so bad on they call ten numbers.

These numbers are all disconnected. This guy’s name is Lucini. I don’t want the Lugin or I don’t want this guy because of this and what are you doing to me? These are all women. I mean, prejudging the list.

You know what, I come from the school of shut up and dial. There’s some other choice words put in that sentence which I’m not using. It’s a numbers game. Hit your numbers and shut up. So it’s tough and I know the owners defend everybody to the end.

I used to do it also. And all you got to do is sit next to the guy or listen in on the conversation and take a look at what the hell you’re defending. It’s not easy. So how do we get from. This conversation to a credit investor lead.

It’s real simple. We have the Accredited Investors. It’s up to you to to turn them into and convince them to buy your particular, you know, private placement or whatever it is, you know, whatever deal you’re promoting.

If you have any questions about Accredited Investor Lead, give me a call. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.