When searching for leads, a lot of salespeople are wondering if they should buy accredited investor leads versus sales leads. And by that, we mean general sales leads. The right one to buy is really going to be determined by what a salesperson’s goals and objectives are in addition to the type of pitch they are making. Anyone who is unsure is welcome to contact us to discuss the scenario and for us to make a concrete recommendation. We have been doing this for 29 years and that gives us a great deal of insight that can be valuable in the planning phase, not just the lead buying phase.

Accredited investor leads versus sales leads: What’s the difference?

To understand the difference between accredited investor leads and general sales leads, you first need to understand what an accredited investor is. An accredited investor is an investor that has a high net worth as defined by the SEC. The SEC has separated accredited investors from regular and investors/the general public. These investors are supposed to have a high enough net worth so if they lost their investment, it would not make as big of an impact on their financial situation.

Also, the SEC is assuming that because of their higher network they are more sophisticated investors in general. In other words, they should know what they’re doing when making an investment. Click here for the official definition.

Whether or not an investor is accredited, typically only matters to salespeople who are trying to pitch a private placement and attract actual investment dollars. A salesperson who is selling a product does not need to worry about whether someone is accredited or not. This is true even if it is a financial product like an annuity or whole life insurance policy. So, financial planners do not necessarily need to contact accredited investors.

However, there are clear benefits to calling on accredited investors.

1. They could have more money to spend or invest.

Clearly, if someone is of high net worth, there is a greater chance that they have more in savings and a higher disposable income. This can be beneficial for any salesperson that is trying to sell a higher ticket item. For example, someone who is trying to sell luxury lots needs to speak with someone who has the money to invest in vacation properties. Someone who is selling a $10-month subscription service does not.

2. These are people who are more likely to make investments.

Accredited investors are more likely to make larger investments simply because they will not have the sticker shock in comparison to their annual earnings or the amount in their savings account compared to people with lower net worth. This is definitely an advantage for anyone looking to make a bigger sale.

Accredited investor leads versus sales leads comes down to knowing your product and knowing your audience

Ultimately, a salesperson needs to know their audience, who they are trying to sell to and whether or not their product should be purchased by someone with a high net worth. That will determine the type of leave that needs to be required.

Again, if you need help with that, contact John Fisher. He can answer questions and use 29 years of experience to provide some suggestions on the type of leaves that should be purchased.

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