Hey everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv, I’m the owner. I want to talk about accredited oil and gas leads. Probably 80 percent of my database comes from the oil and gas industry. Now, as the prices have gone down many oil and gas guys have gone out of business, it just doesn’t make sense to sell any kind of drilling ventures at these prices, I mean there are a few guys doing it but again, the majority of it has come from that arena. And let me tell you, the poor guys that have been trying to sell oil and gas for the last six months to a year, they have put out great surveys, they have killed themselves trying to find someone that will buy oil at these low level prices but for you, especially if you’re not doing oil and gas, it’s a perfect opportunity.

These are a dollar a piece, a thousand minimum. Why a thousand minimum? Because it’s going to take that many for you to close one or two deals and if you don’t close one or two deals on that first pass, the first try, you’re not going to come back to me. So, I don’t do $500 deals, it’s not because I’m looking for more money, it’s because I want the numbers to hit and it needs at least a thousand to hit. The big dogs are five dollars apiece and there are accredited oil and gas leads but they’re a step further, they’re qualified accredited investors, those with a quarter million minimum, five million investable assets, I give you 100 of those for free for every thousand dollars you spend to test them out because that’s really the best for you in the house. They’re expensive but you know what, if you buy some quantity I’ll give you a much better deal on ‘em.

If you have any questions about accredited oil and gas leads which happens to be our forte, give me a call, John Fisher: 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless.