Hey everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv we’ve been in business 32 years we have an A+ rating and I’m a one-man operation. Let’s talk about accredited real estate investors, I have a database I bought in 2018 opt-in from a big big big platform financial platform they come with date stamp, time stamp, first name, last name, email, ip and address. They attended a 42 minute webinar on how to take advantage of the real estate market in 2018 it was a hundred thousand names we’re down to forty three thousand names. They’re dynamite I mean they are what we call a vertical they’re cheap 50 cents for 5,000.

We’ve been working with this database with bitcoin kicked ass and marijuana kicked ass, oil and gas kicked ass if you take a look at my testimonials you’ll see one sign in blue ink the guy raised half a million a month by himself two women prospecting for him so I mean this is a hot database. If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to call me we can do it any kind of format you want. We have 1.4 million professional litigators we clean those up. If you don’t have a san number if you have a saying that will scrub, if you don’t have a san number we’ll get you one, if you don’t want one you’ll sign my indemnity.  Then you’ve got the silence call right now which is terrible in case you don’t know the iphones if they don’t know you if you’re not in their contacts they go straight to voicemail so pretty much half of what I sell you you’re never even going to be able to get a hold of.

If things aren’t tough enough right and then on top of that you got 250 million people on a do not call and then on top of that you got the telecoms taking a look at how many phone calls you make every day and we don’t know what the number is but they automatically rip your phone number off the caller id and put suspected spam. So if you’re not checking your phones in the morning calling each other’s cell phone and taking a look at how it shows up you could be wasting a whole day of just dialing and the damn phone says suspected spam I mean you call the telecoms and they’ll change that I’m not quite sure how people are doing that but the brokerage firms are are are doing it.  I’m a real fair guy, I talk nothing but win-win business I’m going to take care of you man like I’ve taken care of anybody else any questions call me 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and god bless.