Hi everybody! Welcome to salesleads.tv. Affluent investor, what’s an affluent investor? I don’t know, I mean to me an affluent investor is an accredited investor, makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, a million net worth not including his home, experience of managing his personal portfolio.

We personally sell those people, but we also make sure that they are qualified 25 to 50,000 minimum and have been mail a private placement memorandum, that’s what makes much stuff different than anybody else, info USA, lead GT, sales Gini, Kaka. It’s a model information, zip plus for average of making the assumption that if in that average he’s making 200,000 a year, he may be accredited investor lead, that’s what they sell.

If you’re willing to pay something, since the name, you get when you deserve and don’t come to me asking for 7cent leads, because; well you know what? We do have some stuff up, we’ll talk about that later, but the bottom line is our leads are a dollar a piece, a thousand minimum, if you buy 5,000 they drop down to 50 cents, we give you four different files diversity, so you can see what’s good, what’s not and the bottom line is that when it comes to accredited investors, we’re the best.

I mean we have very, very, strong broker qualified leads, we’ve even got one that say qualified accredited investor and it’s what we call a big dog, 250 minimum and they have at least 5 million in investable assets, every thousand you spend you get a hundred of those for free and I do that to hook you and you’ll come back and that’s why you’re going to buy.

If you’re the kind of broker that can handle those big accounts, the whales, if you’re not, you get eaten for dinner, let’s not even talk about the big dogs. If you have any questions call me John Fisher 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.