We continue to improve the quality of our Business Opportunity leads by adapting to important technological developments and taking advantage of emerging ‘best practices’ in the lead generation industry.

The prospects in our business opportunity lists have recently visited top vending and franchise op sites on the web and filled out a form requesting information about various offers. Our biz-op leads have thus actually requested a response, as opposed to merely forgetting to uncheck a “opt-in” checkbox on a generic sign up form.

Our business opportunity leads are fresh and entirely search-engine driven. One dramatic example of the benefits of the competition that has rippled through the teleservices industry in recent years can be seen in the fact the days of telemarketing lists rented and leased by a host of list brokers, all of course “guaranteed exclusive”, are now history. To survive in the current competitive environment, lead sourcers have had to meet a pretty stringent test: deliver a great product or go home. For us and we suspect many others, technology has been both a challenge and a blessing.

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By reserving shares of unique leads from the most reputable franchise opportunity sites, our clients end up working with a clean pool of positively-ID’d leads. It is precisely this advantage that drives up our customers’ conversion rates and ultimately their ROI.

Some of our segmented selects include:

  • ATM
  • Combo
  • Candy
  • Coffee

Please call to talk to John about these and other offers, as we often explore unique, one-time-only lead purchases as well.

One point we focus on with a vengeance here at SalesLeads.tv is the absolute neccessity of SAN numbers for Do Not Call compliance. We simply won’t be able to work with you if you don’t have a SAN number. Learn more about how we purge against the federal FTC Do Not Call database as well as individual state DNC lists on our No Call Solution page.

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