4 Steps to Close More Sales

Close more sales while the economy is hot and people are
looking to invest and spend money on growth. Now is the right time to be in
sales, no matter what product or service you are selling. But, how do you make
the most of each opportunity? How do you turn a prospect into a closed deal? …

Step 4: Close More Sales by Purchasing Sales Leads

Now is the time to close more sales and the best way to do
so is to purchase sales leads. You need leads that contain all the information
for your target audience – not people in general. The more specific, the better
because it ensures that you will be speaking with people or businesses who are
most likely …

Step 2: How to Create a Sales Pitch and Test It

Every salesperson needs to know how to create a sales pitch,
test it for effectiveness and tailor the pitch based on the audience. This
essential skill is necessary for being a strong closer. If this doesn’t sound
like you – use our tips to get even better.

How to Create a Sales Pitch

You may only have minutes …

Step 1: Close More Sales by Refining Your Target Audience

If you want to
close more sales you need to know who your ideal customer or target audience
is. “I can sell ice to an Eskimo” may be a popular saying but it’s stupid. Why
would a good salesperson waste their time trying to sell a product to someone
who clearly doesn’t need or want it. You can …

John Fisher’s 30 Year Journey with SalesLeads.TV

SalesLeads.TV was started in 1990 and it actually started off as ‘Federal Union’ which sounds like a bank. They actually called it a lead bank back in those days. Well, there used to be a guy who used to sell leads to John Fischer when he was a commodity broker. His name was Al …

California Consumer Privacy Act: What You Should Know

California’s new Consumer Privacy Act officially took effect on January 1st, 2020. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a newly implemented statewide law that guarantees new privacy rights for the consumers of California. Many companies within the state and out of state have been scurrying to fall in compliance so that they can …

Can You Find Coin Buyer Leads Online?

Those that are searching for coin buyer leads online need to find out where to go to get them. These leads need to provide the person with the information that they are searching for, as well as all that is needed to make a better decision on what to go with and how to …

Do Coin Buyers Have to Be Accredited Investors?

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If you want to find someone to work with and purchase your coins, but who also comes with a high net worth, then you want to speak with a professional that has the lists of these coin buyers. Anyone that is interested in investing in coins should be …

How to Make the Most of Your Coin Buyer Leads

When you want to make the most of the coin buyer leads that you come across, you need to ensure that you are using them in the right way. While you might already have some coin buyer leads, it also depends on where you get them from, as this makes a huge difference. The …