Who Should Buy Sales Leads?

Virtually everyone can benefit from buying sales leads, so when it comes down to who should buy sales leads the answer is – anyone who wants to make more money.

Let’s face it, sales is a competitive industry with everyone competing to close deals first.

What often takes the most amount of time is cultivating a list to call from. Anyone who needs to research names and phone numbers is going to be spending more time on research than they are dialing. This is a colossal waste of time because for salespeople to make money, the need to be on the phone or meeting a prospect face-to-face. Purchasing a leads list helps to expedite that process.

Who should buy sales leads?

For the past 29 years, John Fisher has been providing high-quality, accurate leads list to salespeople throughout the country. During that time, our company has worked with salespeople in virtually every industry. Here are just a few examples of the industries we work with who have had incredible success with our leads list.

1. Mortgage industry

In a growing economy like the one we have today, many people are purchasing homes, buying vacation properties and purchasing rentals. This creates a lot of opportunity for mortgage loan officers who want to increase their purchase or refi business. Having a lead list to call from makes it possible to contact homeowners faster.

2. Financial advisors and investment professionals

Financial professionals often use our lead list so they can contact accredited investors who have a high net worth. This is especially important for professionals who are looking for people with disposable income that may be inclined to invest or become regular clients. These individuals are definitely harder to find so purchasing an accredited investor lead list saves a lot of time. These types of sales leads can only be found through certain organizations, ours being one of them.

3. Growing businesses

Growing businesses of all types will contact us and purchase sales leads list because it gives them a fast way to try and gain a competitive advantage over the competition. When it comes down to a first mover advantage for attracting customers on a new product or service, using an accurate lead list makes it so much easier to close deals and capture market share. When time is of the essence, working from an accurate sales leads list is truly the best way to go.

4. Precious metals industry

Investors who are looking to hedge their bets against inflation and wanting to put money into a tangible item are choosing to invest in precious metals in spades. Whether this comes down to investing directly in gold or silver or purchasing coins, this growing business is certainly worth putting the time and energy into cultivating. Starting with the right lead list makes it possible to capture some of the market share and do so fast.

5. Oil and gas industry

Another popular tangible investment is oil and gas. Even with the increased interest in alternative energy sources, oil and gas is still critical worldwide. People who are looking to sell investment in oil and gas need an accredited investor leads list to work from. This is something that we supply and have done so quite successfully.

6. Insurance

Everyone needs an insurance policy. This means that virtually anyone can become a customer. The challenge is trying to find new customers to be able to offer them a competitive insurance policy. Working from a lead list makes it easy to call a certain number of prospects every day so the deals can be closed faster. Since insurance is a business where agents make money on renewables, putting time and effort into growing that business upfront is certainly worth it. Purchasing a high-quality lead list is part of that investment and definitely worth the energy.

Start with the best sales leads

Cold calling is not always easy. It can take energy, focus and time. Starting with the best leads can help salespeople to close deals faster and to ensure that that time is well spent. At www.salesleads.tv,  our goal is to make sure that our customers are as successful as possible because when you make money, we make money. That’s because we know that customers who are satisfied keep coming back year after year to purchase new lead list. If you are looking to close more deals in 2019, we want to be your provider choice. For the best possible leads, contact us today.

Get the best sales leads by calling John Fischer at 561-981-8777 or email Bear@SalesLeads.tv.

How To Tell If A Sales Lead Is An Accredited Investor

If you are wondering how to tell if a sales lead is an accredited investor, you probably started with the wrong lead list. If you need an accredited investor because you are pitching a private placement, you need to be certain that they are accredited before you contact them and pitch anything.

If you pitch a private placement to a nonaccredited investor you could be in violation of SEC guidelines and put your entire deal at risk. Put simply, it is not worth it.

Hit the pause button and purchase a lead list of accredited investors. We can help with that.

What about your currently list?

Okay, so if you need to know how to tell if the sales leads list is of accredited investors, there are still a few things you can do. It’s going to take you time, fair warning, but these steps will give you some options if you’re not ready to buy new list.

You are going to have to ask.

If you did not start out with a lead list that contained only certified accredited investors, the only way you will know if someone is accredited is to ask each individual investor. We know, that sucks. But – you need to know if an investor is accredited before you pitch them the private placement so this is a list of ways that you can make that ask.

1. Create a series of questions to ask on the phone before discussing your investment opportunity

These questions should include asking if they are an accredited investor and if so, if they were certified by an independent organization. It’s okay if they self-certify too.

2. Run an inbound marketing campaign

If you have the email addresses of your leads, it is possible to create an inbound marketing campaign where they are sent an email that links them to a landing page. That landing page could ask a series of questions, including for them to certify their accreditation status. Once they do, they could be given information on the particular investment automatically. This type of campaign serves two purposes. First, it allows you to capture their accreditation status in writing and two, you will know who has downloaded the information so that you can follow up on hot leads.

3. Send them a letter

For your leads who may not spend a lot of time online, or when their new email addresses in your lead list, try sending a letter instead. The letter could introduce who you are and your company and then provide a second sheet for them to then back requesting information along with certifying their accreditation status. Be sure to include a postage-paid return envelope to make the process as easy as possible. Anyone who takes the time to send a letter back is certainly a hot lead.

Sound too hard?

If you don’t want to go through the process of learning how to tell if a sales lead is an in credited investor, purchase a new list. Our accredited investor leads list will ensure that you are contacting the right people from the very start.

To start closing more deals, contact us today by calling John Fischer at 561-981-8777 or email Bear@SalesLeads.tv.

Accredited Investor Leads Versus Sales Leads

When searching for leads, a lot of salespeople are wondering if they should buy accredited investor leads versus sales leads. And by that, we mean general sales leads. The right one to buy is really going to be determined by what a salesperson’s goals and objectives are in addition to the type of pitch they are making. Anyone who is unsure is welcome to contact us to discuss the scenario and for us to make a concrete recommendation. We have been doing this for 29 years and that gives us a great deal of insight that can be valuable in the planning phase, not just the lead buying phase.

Accredited investor leads versus sales leads: What’s the difference?

To understand the difference between accredited investor leads and general sales leads, you first need to understand what an accredited investor is. An accredited investor is an investor that has a high net worth as defined by the SEC. The SEC has separated accredited investors from regular and investors/the general public. These investors are supposed to have a high enough net worth so if they lost their investment, it would not make as big of an impact on their financial situation.

Also, the SEC is assuming that because of their higher network they are more sophisticated investors in general. In other words, they should know what they’re doing when making an investment. Click here for the official definition.

Whether or not an investor is accredited, typically only matters to salespeople who are trying to pitch a private placement and attract actual investment dollars. A salesperson who is selling a product does not need to worry about whether someone is accredited or not. This is true even if it is a financial product like an annuity or whole life insurance policy. So, financial planners do not necessarily need to contact accredited investors.

However, there are clear benefits to calling on accredited investors.

1. They could have more money to spend or invest.

Clearly, if someone is of high net worth, there is a greater chance that they have more in savings and a higher disposable income. This can be beneficial for any salesperson that is trying to sell a higher ticket item. For example, someone who is trying to sell luxury lots needs to speak with someone who has the money to invest in vacation properties. Someone who is selling a $10-month subscription service does not.

2. These are people who are more likely to make investments.

Accredited investors are more likely to make larger investments simply because they will not have the sticker shock in comparison to their annual earnings or the amount in their savings account compared to people with lower net worth. This is definitely an advantage for anyone looking to make a bigger sale.

Accredited investor leads versus sales leads comes down to knowing your product and knowing your audience

Ultimately, a salesperson needs to know their audience, who they are trying to sell to and whether or not their product should be purchased by someone with a high net worth. That will determine the type of leave that needs to be required.

Again, if you need help with that, contact John Fisher. He can answer questions and use 29 years of experience to provide some suggestions on the type of leaves that should be purchased.

Stop reading and start selling!

Hey, the longer you read, the less selling you’re doing. If you want to start selling today, you need the right list so call or email us now.

To start closing more deals, contact us today by calling John Fischer at 561-981-8777 or email Bear@SalesLeads.tv.

What Is an Accredited Investor And Why Should I Care?

What is an accredited investor? Well, according to the SEC, and accredited investor has to be a bank, private business development company, a 501(c)(3) with more than 5 million in assets, a trust, an entity where all the equity owners are accredited investors, or individuals who meet the following requirements:

Net worth exceeding $1 million


A person with an annual income of $200,000 or more, or $300,000 or more with their spouse, for the past two years


When determining who is an accredited investor, it is also important to be aware of important exceptions. For example, an individual with a net worth of $1 million or more cannot count towards their net worth the value of their primary residence. They can count rental properties, vacation homes or joint ownership interest in other real estate. However, a home they actually live in full time cannot be counted towards their net worth.

Directors, partners and executive officers can also be considered accredited investors

Many people do not realize that the directors, partners and executive officers of an entity that is raising capital can be counted as accredited investors, even if they do not meet the net worth or income requirements to do so. This only applies when they are making the investment into the company they are involved in. This exception was carved out because it is generally thought that if you are involved in a company at that level, you would understand the ins and outs of the business and the rest that are involved with investing in the company.

Why should you care about who is an accredited investor as a salesperson?

Put simply, it is illegal to offer a private placement investment opportunity to anyone who is not accredited investor. If you are promoting a rake the offering and show the material to someone who is not accredited, you could be subject to fines and put the deal in jeopardy. This is not a risk worth taking so it is critical that salespeople first determine if the people they are contacting need to be accredited, as is always the case with a Reg D offering. If the answer is yes – they need to be accredited, it is important to purchase a sales leads list that only contains accredited investors. We can provide one at www.SalesLeads.tv and have been doing so for 29 years.

Learn more

If you are unsure if you should be reaching out to accredited investors or if your offering can be presented to anyone, contact us. We can provide you with more information and direct you to additional resources. We can also help to create a strategy for the best types of leads to target and then provide you with an accurate list. Get the best sales leads by calling John Fischer at 561-981-8777 or email Bear@SalesLeads.tv

Where Can I Find Precious Metal Sales Leads?

For anyone wondering where to find precious metal sales leads, know that it is important to purchased leads from a reputable source. Investing in precious metals is hot right now and a lot of people are trying to market them. The ones who will succeed are the ones who start with the right leads. Everyone else is going to spin their wheels and waste time on bad phone numbers, poor information and sending letters to people who may not even live at the same address.

What separates the pros from those who it forced out of the business is often as simple as buying the rightly list.

The best leads can be purchased from www.SalesLeads.tv.  With over 29 years in the business, John Fisher provides the best quality leads and with a five-star rating, clients clearly agree.

So, what’s the big deal about precious metals?

A lot of investors are choosing to put their money into precious metals like silver and gold because they believe it will help them to hedge their bets against inflation. Even though there can be volatility in precious metals just like there could be volatility bid any market, they are tangible goods. This provides another benefit for investors who want something that can be touched and felt to invest in, rather than more exotic investment options.

Precious metals are often seen as a good alternative to investing in the housing market as well. In the past, many investors put their money into investment products like the mortgage market area when the housing bubble burst and the great recession began, those investors lost a lot of money. Looking for a safer way to invest, those same people started putting their money and precious metals and the trend has only grown since then.

Where to find precious metal sales leads

Typically, people will start by looking to friends and family, asking for referrals and tapping into their personal business network. This is a good way to get into the business because it allows for salespeople to make some soft pitches initially. However, the friends and family lead list is going to run out fairly quickly and referrals can only last for so long. After that, it becomes necessary to find a steady supply of leads. This is where www.SalesLeads.tv can help. We have accurate lead list that salespeople can use to grow their precious metals business.

Precious metals sales leads can be customized

Salespeople often don’t realize that these leads can be customized based on their needs. For example, the list can be based on certain demographics or location. This is a big deal for anyone who wants to connect with potential clients in their own backyard. For example, sales leads who have an easier time closing in person may want to find people within the same state. We can help with that.

Accurate data is everything

Just remember that when trying to find precious metal sales leads, accurate data makes the difference between a closed sale or wasting time. We have been providing accurate sales leads for almost three decades. We believe that when our customers make money – we will make money, so are incredibly picky about the leads that we put together.

It’s paid off.

Our customers are successful and giving us great reviews. We invite you to become one of them.

To start closing more deals, contact us today by calling John Fischer at 561-981-8777 or email Bear@SalesLeads.tv.

Should My Sales leads Be Accredited Investors

Are you wondering if your sales leads should be accredited investors? The answer will depend on how you answer the following questions.

1. Are you pitching a private placement memorandum or a Reg D offering?

If you are looking to raise investment capital for a Reg D offering then your leads have to be accredited investors. There is no wiggle room around it. In fact, anyone who pitches a private placement to a nonaccredited investor could put the deal in jeopardy. So, if this is the case, be sure to order an accredited investor leads list – something you can do from www.salesleads.tv.

2. Are you selling a high dollar product?

Your sales leads do not have to be accredited investors when selling high dollar products, but it helps. Accredited investors have a high net worth, are more likely to have a healthy savings account and a higher disposable income. If you were trying to sell a luxury yacht, vacation packages and fine hotels, etc., it helps to make sure that everyone you call can actually for your products the only way to really know that is the case is to purchase accredited investor leads because at least you know they have a high net worth. Otherwise, you could be trying to sell a Rolex to someone who can only afford a Casio.

3. Are you looking to cultivate long-term relationships with high net worth individuals?

There is a difference between transactional sales and relationship sales. Anyone who wants to build long-term relationships so they consulted the same clients repeatedly, may want to consider cultivating those relationships with accredited investors. The reasons for doing so are fairly simple. These are high net worth individuals who are likely to have a great deal of financial stability. This means that if the market changes, the economy goes to an adjustment, etc. There’s a good chance that they will withstand the storm and be able to continue doing business with you. In other words, they are the right group of leads to invest in.

If you answered yes to any of the above, your sales leads probably should be accredited investors. If you answered no, then a general sales leads list should be just as effective as long as it contains accurate data.

Sales leads must be accurate

Even more important than should your sales leads be accredited investors is the question, are my leads accurate? Are they quality leads that will help me to close deals? The best salespeople start with the best leads. It’s that simple. As a salesperson, you only have so much time in the day. If you are wasting your time contacting people using old phone numbers or wrong email addresses, then you’re only spinning your wheels. Sales leads that have accurate data allow you to contact people faster so that you can begin to pitch your product or service and actually close the deal.

This is why so many clients keep coming back to www.salesleads.tv.  We have been providing accurate sales leads for 29 years. We know what it takes to produce high-quality data and since our lead lists work, our customers are making money. To start closing more deals, contact us today by calling John Fischer at 561-981-8777 or email Bear@SalesLeads.tv.

How to find Accredited Investors 5/22/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. How to find accredited investors? Easy, call me at salesleads.tv. 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day. I’m only kidding. How to find accredited investors is real simple? These guys like me, they are list brokers. What we do is we broke a list. I call somebody up who’s doing private placement, maybe they wrapped up a deal, they’re done, and I’ll say hey, I’d like to buy the people that you qualified, mail PPMs too, I’d like to get your client list. This has been going on 29 years since I’ve been in business, it’s market. We don’t generate leads, what we do is just buy list. That’s all we do. We trade, we buy leads. When you’re asking me how to find accredited investors, I have a special touch that I use. Number one, I make people send me their phone numbers first, it’s called suppression. What we do with the suppression is make sure we don’t buy what we already have, but we can take a look at a list and see which files they’re coming from, and I get a good idea whether it’s the crap coming out of restaurants or whether it’s good stuff. I’m not stealing in my guys. In the west coast, there’s way too many list brokers, there’s too many employers that are list broker. They sent me a guy out there, he went by buying it, nobody knows except for me what really happened, but the bottom-line is there’s a lot of those guys out there, and they’re really close to going by buying also. There’s a lot of rules and regulations. You gotta be really careful being a list broker. The feds don’t like list brokers, they think we sell sucker list to wide room operators. You can’t take percentages, you can’t take kickbacks. If the guys writes a big deal off your lead, you can’t give them a percentage. You can’t do any of that kind of stuff, and these guy continue to do it. They don’t realize how dangerous it is. They’ve got some quite a bit of list brokers in California ready. If you’re looking for accredited investors, you come to a place like salesleads.tv accreditedinvestorsleads.com, bigdogs.tv, accreditedinvestorsleads.tv. We’ve got so many different websites, and this is what we do. Our prices are $5,000.50 $2,500. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll cut that in half for 1,200 for $1,250. We scrub against the 1.3 million litigators that I happened to have. Ask your competitors, ask your list broker that you guys bought leads from. Hey, did you ever scrub these against the DNC litigators? He’ll say what’s a DNC litigators? And you already went to Google looked it up, and you’re gonna say yourself, are you kidding me and putting me in that kind of risk? Not scrubbing your leads against the DNC litigators, guys it’s not cool. Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama. You don’t call those states. If they tell you that, no, they’re too greedy, they want to make money on those things instead of throwing that stuff in the garbage. You have a stand number, I’ll scrub for you for free, I’m a service provider. You don’t have a stand number, I’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t want to get one, you’ll sign my indemnity letter. If you have any question, call me, 561-239-0364, thanks for your time.

Oil and Gas Investor 5/22/19

Hey, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. Oil and gas investor. When I started this company back in 1990, the majority of everything we did was oil and gas, I mean back in those days Benedict was banging, and there is a ton of people losing money for oil and gas, a ton of people out there, and it was a feel day. I’m telling you probably today, 70 75% as opposed to 90% of my paper my leads, the stuff I sell, is oil and gas. What’s good about it is that these people had a picks on oil and gas deal, they’ve been invetted. Are you accredited, you made at least $200,000, 300 combined, you have a million net worth not including your, you’ve got experience in managing your personal portfolio, have you got $25,000 to $100,000, and mail them a private placement memorandum. That’s a real real good lead. We have thing called vertical. A vertical is originally was oil and gas, you’re in oil and gas, now you’re talking to a guy, so really he already requested information, we know the guys are oil and gas guys. But that oil and gas stuff what I’m telling my clients is that my job is not to find the vertical, my job is to find the guy with money. Your job is to talk to him into your vertical whether it’s real estate, whether it’s an entertainment deal, whatever the thing maybe. My job again, is to make sure he’s accredited and he’s liquid in its risk capital. It’s your job to talk to them into what type particular deal is. Oil and gas is big. We have a lot of them. The next biggest thing we have is real estate. We got a ton of real estate guys, and then some entertainment maybe $20,000 tech deal and so on. If you have any questions about oil and gas investors, feel free to call me, we got some  client list, we got the big dogs, best leads in the country, $5 apiece, quite a million minimum, it’s not only accredited, he’s qualified accredited. 5 million in investible assets, $5 apiece, for every thousand you spend, I give you 100 for free. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that we scrub against the 1.3 million DNC litigators. You don’t know what a DNC litigator is, google it. If you’re buying leads from someone besides me, call them up and have a heart-to-heart forum and say, hey, what’s DNC litigators, how come you’re not scrubbing. I’m gonna tell you guys, you get one of those calls, and they’ll make your life miserable. They blackmail you, they’re nasty as hell. When you read about this legal firm that makes over 32 million a year, and all they do is have stand numbers with DNC numbers and they come after you. When you find out how unjustly it’s gonna freak you out, and you’re gonna wanna have some kind of protection. If you have a stand number, I’ll scrub for you for free. I’m a service provider from the FTC. If you don’t have a stand number, we’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t wanna have a stand number, you’re gonna sign indemnity letter, which indemnifies my employees and myself and pretty much say hey, I know I did dirty, there’s a problem it’s my problem not your problem. If you have any questions, call me 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day and god bless.

Qualified Investor 5/22/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. I wanna talk about qualified investor. You know what, let’s take the pain in the butt, I’m gonna tell you why. I got this guy who supposedly is a lawyer, but he’s the CEO on the board of this like big broker dealer, and he objects to the fact that I’m posting government’s opinion of what a qualified investor and the rules of a qualified investor. It’s kinda like shows up on a keyword, qualified investors vs credit, some crazy stuff like that. The qualified investor according to the SEC and with all due respect wherever you are, and I get a lot of hits on that keyword, it’s amazing. I have an app that show me when people come to my website, the one keyword they came in on, and I’ve also got their email address, and I got a chat from where I can chat with you guys. Pretty cool pretty automated, and I can tell when my business is cooking because that thing just goes off all day long. I see a lot of this qualified vs. accredited. According to the SSE, I’m not quoting them, but I’m telling, they consider an accountant, or they consider a lawyer who doesn’t necessarily have $200,000 income, million net worth not including his home, they consider him to be qualified. In certain cases, you could use qualified investors. hey guys, keep it simple stupid. When you’re dealing with especially [00:01:27.28] don’t mess around with anyone that’s not accredited. You’re like crazy, you’re flirting with a disaster. Just stick to the basics and this guy to be an accredited investor. When you read this SSE quote from the actual website itself of what a qualified investor, don’t reinvent the wheel. This other gentlemen who got really upset, he’s like, that’s the government’s opinion, that’s not my opinion. I don’t have the money to go up against the government, and I really don’t care whose opinion is, I’m gonna go with the government says not with this guy says. You don’t have enough money to liter gate against the government’s opinion, so that’s what happens in court guys, it’s like you against the government, the government never runs out of money, and you got a lawyer to make a lot of money and he things he’s gonna go ahead and change the government’s mind. Stay out of that. Do not, in my opinion, play with qualified investor, and just go strictly with accredited investor. If you have any question, call me. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m just telling you. I’ve done a lot of research on this thing, I even wrote down the post, and I put it back up again after I’ve read the SSE carefully. If you have any question, and by the way, everything I say is my opinion, 561-239-0364, thanks for your time.

Private Placements 5/22/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. Let’s talk about private placements. What’s private placements? Private placements is the vehicle that we use, you guys use, to raise money for a certain type of deal. Wait to back if you just start off general partnerships, the SSC shut it down, then it came out LLC, and they shut it down, and then they did the LLPs, the SSC shut it down. Now, everyone is doing the private placements pretty is like I said before, it’s a vehicle, this is reg V 504 form which is a million or less, 505 is 5 million 506 is 5 million plus. That’s the beats. We kinda beat next to it. Three years ago, they come out doing the 506 CN Charlie, and that one you can solicit. We had the other ones, 502 505 506b. Those you have to have a pre-existing relationship or you have to be friend with the families. This 506c, they have to be a real good thing, but all people have to be accredited and they’re looking that extra level of verification of the guy is accredited. That’s why you have lawyers for guys. When you’re doing private placements, you can only use accredited investors, and you can find those accredited investors at salesleads.tv. We sell them $5,000.50 2,500 at $1,250. We’ve got the big dogs for every thousand you spend, you get 100 for free, we’ve got the village bike to the crab they sell out in California. 50,000 at $0.07. A lot of guys are really really good, they don’t care, they wanna buy cheapy cheapy cheapy. That’s a number’s game. It’s good for the rookies, at first, I would sell this stuff of crap, but I see value in it especially when I get kicked in the eyes in California in the balls, and sell the stuff that are selling for $0.05 at $0.07 a name. I’m not mean, I’m smart. If you have any question, let me know. Unlike my boys out in California, we have 1.3 million litigators, DNC litigators, ask what a DNC litigators is, and then ask yourself, why am I doing business with these guys. They’re not scrubbing the DNC litigators. One of those guys will make your life miserable. They blackmail you. Just google DNC litigator. If you have any questions, call me, 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day and god bless you.