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Accredited Investor Leads Versus Sales Leads

When searching for leads, a lot of salespeople are wondering if they should buy accredited investor leads versus sales leads. And by that, we mean general sales leads. The right one to buy is really going to be determined by what a salesperson’s goals and objectives are in addition to the type of pitch …

How To Tell If A Sales Lead Is An Accredited Investor

If you are wondering how to tell if a sales lead is an accredited investor, you probably started with the wrong lead list. If you need an accredited investor because you are pitching a private placement, you need to be certain that they are accredited before you contact them and pitch anything.

If you …

Who Should Buy Sales Leads?

Virtually everyone can benefit from buying sales leads, so when
it comes down to who should buy sales leads the answer is – anyone who wants to
make more money.

Let’s face it, sales is a competitive industry with everyone competing to
close deals first.

What often takes the most amount of time is cultivating a list
to …

Where Can I Find Precious Metal Sales Leads?

For anyone wondering where to find precious metal sales leads, know
that it is important to purchased leads from a reputable source. Investing in
precious metals is hot right now and a lot of people are trying to market them.
The ones who will succeed are the ones who start with the right leads. Everyone
else is going …

What Is an Accredited Investor And Why Should I Care?

What is an accredited investor? Well, according to the SEC, and accredited investor has to be a bank, private business development company, a 501(c)(3) with more than 5 million in assets, a trust, an entity where all the equity owners are accredited investors, or individuals who meet the following requirements:

Net worth exceeding $1 million


A …

Should My Sales leads Be Accredited Investors

Are you wondering if your sales leads should be accredited investors? The answer will depend on how you answer the following questions.

1. Are you pitching a private placement memorandum or a Reg D

If you are looking to raise investment capital for a Reg D
offering then your leads have to be accredited investors. There is …

How to find Accredited Investors 5/22/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to How to find accredited investors? Easy, call me at 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day. I’m only kidding. How to find accredited investors is real simple? These guys like me, they are list brokers. What we do is we broke a list. I call …

Oil and Gas Investor 5/22/19

Hey, my
name is John Fisher, welcome to Oil and gas investor. When I
started this company back in 1990, the majority of everything we did was oil
and gas, I mean back in those days Benedict was banging, and there is a ton of
people losing money for oil and gas, a ton of people out …

Qualified Investor 5/22/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to I wanna talk about qualified investor. You know what, let’s take the pain in the butt, I’m gonna tell you why. I got this guy who supposedly is a lawyer, but he’s the CEO on the board of this like big broker dealer, and he …

Private Placements 5/22/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to Let’s talk about private placements. What’s private placements? Private placements is the vehicle that we use, you guys use, to raise money for a certain type of deal. Wait to back if you just start off general partnerships, the SSC shut it down, then it …