Qualified Investors 5.23.2019

Hi everybody! my name is John Fisher. Welcome to salesman.tv. We’re going to talk about qualified investors, the housing qualified investors I don’t know. I mean I know what a qualified accredited investor is qualified investor I don’t know. I’d be careful if you say qualified investor, qualified investor could be some guy who Joe Blow call them up with a phone and qualify them. To me a lot of you guys go to Google and say hey! I’m looking for qualified investors. I would be a lot more specific. If you want a guy who basically sort a thousand a year for the last three years three hundred thousand combined million net worth not including a somewhat experienced in managing his personal portfolio that is an accredited investor. If you’re looking for a guy who’s qualified for a quarter million and has at least five million in investable assets that’s our big dogs, it’s a brand name with the only ones that have them. $5.00 apiece those are by the way and those are qualified accredited investors. Big difference between qualified investor and qualified accredited investors. Kind of confusing but if you’re in the business you should understand this. You’re doing a hedge fund or you’re doing a master private placement you’re only allowed to use qualified accredited investors. You do it any kind of a red deep private placement 504, 505, 506, 506 B or C as in Charlie to do one. Where you’re allowed to solicit then you would mean accredited investors. And those are two hundred thousand incomes million that were not including their home. At least experienced in managing their personal portfolio and those are accredited investors, those are the PP crema PP stands for private placement. Crema stands for the cream of the crop and those are a dollar piece. Again, we normally do $2,500 deals 625.4 will give you diversity. We give you 250 big dogs to free. Those 5 files you gotta hit, it possible that you don’t get action of 3 or 4 files of those 5 files.

If you have any questions give me a call. By the way we got an A+ rating. We’ve been around 28 years now. We have the litigators looks like I think I mentioned you quarter million of them. We don’t sell your Pennsylvania, Montana. I thought the code all the troublemaker states. We’re doing the right thing experience guys been doing this for many many years. Both sides I was on the phones and now 28 years up and doing nothing but selling leagues. Thank you for your time if you have any questions call me 5616390364. Have a beautiful day and god bless you.

Oil and Gas Investors

Hi buddy! Welcome to saleslead.tv. Happy New Year and we’re going to talk about oil and gas and investors. That’s what we do but there’s only one thing oils are accredited and when you go to Google you punch in oil and gas in essence you got to be careful because a lot of scrupulously scrubbers will sell you oil and gas investors but they’re not accredited. And if you’re doing a private placement they absolutely have to be accredited especially be doing that regD 506 C as in Charlie. So, here’s what we saw, accredited investors they come from broker dealer’s guys selling oil and gas deals private placements. They have a procedure. They called the guy up, they read him the definition of an accredited investor. Do you can make at least one thousand a year for the last 3 years, $300,000 combined. Have you got experience in managing your personal portfolio? Do you have at least a million that were not including your home. The guy says yes, this is what we call he’s dead. If he’d been vetted. You can’t grandfather that in you got to do it yourself. Once again when you call them up. You have to make sure he’s a creditor you can’t make the assumption. There is some guys not doing the 506 C. They’re doing the 504, 505, they’ve got some of them with a 35 exemption and they will let in 35 that are not accredit. So, be careful with that. I’m not guaranteeing that every single guy I give you is gonna be accredited. You have to learn.

Next is they ask them hey! It’s 25 to 50 thousand dollars a comfortable entry level. The answer is yes. So, that’s another thing and they’re made of the private placement memorandum. These brokers have skin in the game. They’re looking to make their 10% commission that stuff you buy from the West Coast or the stuff you buy from the survey takers. It’s crap. I’m an accredited investor you’re not calling me up and ask me financial questions about my net worth, my liquidity. Or it’s like that if you’re talking stranger you are not surveying me but I’m on the do-not-call not a mines gonna give you the time of day. Those things are a crap. I’m just telling you those are all book takers they’re not real. You want to buy a lead that was surveyed by a broker who’s got skin in the game looking at the Magus Commission and that’s what we have. One-man operation not one of my competitors out in the West Coast ten fifteen guys on the phone. Kentucky fried turkey, matter of fact you know what we call those leaves the village bite. Same exactly seven and a half since fifty thousand minimum and I’ve got three hundred thousand dollars. So, you want to buy that crap right from me. I got much cheaper than they have it.

My stuff is a dollar apiece $1,000 minimum and he disconnect wrong numbers. Idiots, we replace two-for-one. My stuff is scrubbed against the litigators list over a quarter million names. I will not sell you in Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama. If you’re doing it on a gas don’t Colorado for you. Do you want to know why? Yeah, Betty Ronson won’t have you. Call me I’m a vet. You got any questions, call me 5612390364.  I’m a veteran in the business. I was in the army but I don’t have one of that. I didn’t see action but I saw actually but anyway 5612390364. Have a beautiful day. Thank you for your time and God bless.

Rule 509

While I was waiting to see what surprises the Securities and Exchange Commission had blanketed in the rule lifting the ban on popular solicitation and marketing for private placements, the SEC slipped in an sudden surprise. The SEC is proposing a new Rule 509.

Rule 509 would require disclosures on “any written verbal exchange that constitutes a commonplace solicitation or regular advertising.”

(1) The securities may also be bought solely to “accredited investors,” which for natural folks are traders who meet sure


minimal annual earnings or net worth thresholds;

(2) The securities are being provided in reliance on an exemption from the registration necessities of the Securities Act and are now not required to comply with precise disclosure requirements that apply to registration below the Securities Act;

(3) The Commission has now not handed upon the merits of or given its approval to the securities, the phrases of the offering, or the accuracy or completeness of any providing materials;

(4) The securities are difficulty to legal restrictions on switch and resale and buyers have to no longer assume they will be able to resell their securities;

(5) Investing in securities includes risk, and traders must be able to undergo the loss of their investment.

(6) For private funds: the securities provided are no longer challenge to the protections of the Investment Company Act.

These are not a large deal by themselves. I already have some version of these lined up for pitch books and advertising and marketing materials. Given that we have no better definition of what constitutes “general solicitation and advertising” I anticipate we’ll see these in all materials.

The other requirement is a disclosure for overall performance records used by means of private funds.

the overall performance data represents past performance. previous overall performance does no longer guarantee future results. current overall performance may additionally be decrease or greater than the overall performance information presented. two the non-public fund is now not required through law to observe any general methodology when calculating and representing performance data. the performance of the private fund might also now not be immediately comparable to the overall performance of other funds. two cell phone range or an internet site the place an investor may additionally, reap current overall performance data.

Again, I don’t assume any of these are a big deal. I think that personal fund managers will basically need to regulate their disclosures pages to encompass this information.

The new Rule 509 additionally requires that performance information ought to be of the most conceivable date and you must reveal the duration for which performance is presented.

The mutual fund industry was worried about the advertising and marketing for hedge cash alongside the notably regulated marketing for mutual funds. Clearly, the SEC is attempting to degree the taking part infield. two Mutual funds are confined in what they can do. I suspect they had been involved that hedge cash would be capable to make extra wild claims and not have to spew out the legal disclaimers that take up a massive chunk of mutual fund advertising.

Lastly, if the performance presentation does now not encompass the deduction of costs and expenses, the private fund have to disclose that the presentation does no longer mirror the deduction of fees and charges and that if such charges and charges had been deducted, performance might also be decrease than presented.

I suspect this one is designed to scoop up the task capital dollars that managed to escape the funding adviser registration requirement below Dodd-Frank. Funds with registered fund managers already have to present internet returns.

Rule 509 is simply proposed so it ought to be changed. But I doubt we will see any changes. The SEC will choose to maintain a tight lid on personal fund advertising. I count on this rule will be ready to go quickly after advertising is permitted.

I don’t locate something especially objectionable in Rule 509. The SEC in reality states in the launch that failure to comply will now not result in loss of the 506(c) offering.

However, a failure to comply that outcomes in a enforcement action should lead to a ban below the new Rule 507(a). It’s now not a foot fault; it requires an motion by the SEC or the courts. I suspect a examiner seeing a mistake will now not blow up the personal placement unless the examiner refers it to enforcement and enforcement decides to deliver charges.

Investor Leads

Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer, welcome to Salesleads.tv, I want to talk about investor leads. When you doing the private placement or when you doing a Reg D 504, 505, 506, that’s what they are, private placements. There’s a requirement that the people must be accredited, an accredited investor makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, million net worth, not including his home, experience in managing his personal portfolio.

In our case they’re qualified 25 to 50,000 and have received the private placement memorandum. What you’ve got to be careful with when you go to Google and you punch in investor leads, is that that’s not enough for a private placement.

He may not be qualified or be vetted as an accredited investor. So, we do have leads that will work for this particular category of investor leads, but the bottom line is be careful to the category and the requirements of the investment vehicle that you’re using, again, if you’re looking for a private placement, they must be accredited investor leads.

If you have any questions call me, John Fischer, 561-981-8777. And by the way, we have the best accredited investor leads in the country today, have a beautiful day and God bless.

Oil and Gas Investors / Investor

Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer, welcome to salesleads.tv, oil and gas investors or investor. Now, that’s the number one keyword, product, topic, whatever it is, that we specialize in at salesleads.tv, we’ve been in business 28 years, we have an A+ rating, I’m a one-man operation other than my support people and in 28 years of doing business, I’ve got a really, really, good job.

I’ve learned a lot about the business and I have some real good connections, I’m over here in Boca Raton Florida, my competition– what’s left of it it’s on the west coast and it’s a wild, wild, west, so I’m telling you, I’m not throwing mud, but my competition is almost gone, there’s almost no one left, they’ve shut down a lot of firms for whatever reasons and the guys that are left have so many people on the phone, that the lists have become Kentucky fried turkey.

Oil and gas investor list make up a majority of everything that we have, their private placement, memorandum, recipients, they were vetted by a broker dealer, they were asked do you make 200,000 a year for the last two years, they were asked if you have a million net worth not including your home, 20 to $50,000, liquid, risk capital. So, when you’re looking at oil and gas invest or investors, that’s what we sell.

Now, there’s one caveat, you have to special– you have to specialize or you have to specifically ask for accredited– you see most of your Reg D 504, 505, 506, 506(c) require the people to be accredited, yes, back in the old days we have that 35 exemption, it’s not a good idea, it opens you up to north with the SEC, you want to go a 100% accredited investors and if you go to Google and you punch in oil and gas investor or investors, what happened to accredited, you going to waste your money. You want to go ahead and specifically ask for accredited oil and gas investor or investors if you’re doing any kind of a private placement in the oil gas industry.

Again, we are the number one company when it comes to accredited investor or investors and you’re looking for oil and gas investor or investor, we’re the guys. If you have any questions call me, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

Precious Metals IRA

Hi everybody! My name is John Fischer, welcome to salesleads.tv. PM IRA, Precious Metals IRA, oh boy, you hit the right place, I have 50,000 people, confirm buyers of IRA bullion. I have some that have date stamps and time stamps on, a matter of fact, I’ve got three defunct companies that did nothing about IRAs and the beautiful thing about these particularly lead is, they have date stamps and time stamps.

And if you look at a chart, you can see when they bought it, there’s a time stamp and an actual date stamp and if you look at the videos– they’re still archived in Google, you can actually watch the video that these people looked at and I’ll tell you what, it’s a dynamite lead, it works very, very, well, these people all bought in 2014 and then when Minnesota had that big crackdown and all that kind of stuff happened, a lot of rules changed and a lot of these people went out of business.

We also have non-IRA leads for precious metals, we have numismatic coin buyers, but I’m assuming if you’re just strictly doing IRAs and selling precious metals through the IRA, we have those, they’re a dollar apiece 1,000 minimum, if you buy 5,000 we drop down to 50 cents if you have a sand number I’ll scrub, if you don’t you’ll sign my identity letter. I do have 1.3 million professional litigators, we pull those guys out, those are your big law firms and your big people that all they do for a living is give you a hard time and try to shake you down because they are supposedly on a do not call even though they’re a business, Really, really, important.

I won’t sell you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama. If you’re leap broker is selling you that, you got a problem. I’m telling you, we got 28 years, A+ rating, I’m a one-man operation besides my supports, I sold precious metals in the past, ex commodity broker, I know what I’m doing. You want to do business with a guy who’s been around for a long time, integrity and definitely, definitely, backs up everything he says, call me, johnfischer@salesleads.tv, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

Real Estate Investor / Investors

Hi everybody! John Fischer salesleads.tv, real estate investor or investors, boy you hit the jackpot, I have got a 2018, 2017, opt-in qualified 100,000, attended a webinar 42 minutes, these are the best leads I’ve had in long time, a matter of fact, I have recently the last six months tested them for oil and gas, tested them for precious metals, crypto and marijuana and they are just highly responsive, highly responsive.

Normally, I don’t do opt-in and normally I’m leery about any kind of stuff off the internet and any lead I sell you will always have 5, 10%– you know it’s like questionable, but you know what? These leads are dynamite, they’ve got a great track record and you know there’s a few real estate people out there, but the ones that have come and asked for the sort states or ask for the territories, have absolutely kicked ass with this file.

So, if you’re looking for a real hot, real estate investor or investor list and by the way, they’re all accredited, $100,000 minimum and they’re specifically asked are an accredited investor, their $2 for the 18, $1 for the 2017, if you buy quantity, we could talk. My minimum investments a $1,000.

If you have any questions feel free to call me, bear@salesleads.TV 561-981-8777, your source for real estate investors.

Lead Lists

Hi everybody! my name is John Fischer, welcome to salesleads.tv. Lead list, again, you know why do we use these keywords? We use these keywords because that’s how you find us on Google. So, what we have to do is we have to address those particular keywords, now the reason I choose them– and by the way we own concierge SEO services and through the school of hard knocks, we’ve learned how to do SEO and how to really get out there and have you guys find us and the use of these keywords is very important, but the problem is, a lot of them don’t make sense and a lot of them are vague and a lot of them don’t really apply, but let’s go at it.

Lead list pretty much is a name, address and phone number, a bunch of them that becomes a list, and if someone goes to Google and they’re doing a private placement and they punch in lead list, it’s not going to help you, because you’re missing one key thing and that’s an accredited investor list, see an accredited investor makes two hundred thousand a year for the last two years, a million net worth not including his home and has experience in managing his personal portfolio. In our case, they’re vetted by a broker-dealer, qualified 25 to 50 and received the private placement memorandum.

So, when you’re looking for lead lists, that’s not going to work, because unless you specify that the guy has to be an accredited investor, you bought a list, you find out the guys not accredited and then what, then you have a real problem. So again, be very careful when you’re looking for accredited investor list or accredited investor leads, make sure not to mention lead lists.

If you have any questions, I know it’s a little confusing– if you have any questions call me, 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day and God bless.

Affluent Investor

Hi everybody! Welcome to salesleads.tv. Affluent investor, what’s an affluent investor? I don’t know, I mean to me an affluent investor is an accredited investor, makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, a million net worth not including his home, experience of managing his personal portfolio.

We personally sell those people, but we also make sure that they are qualified 25 to 50,000 minimum and have been mail a private placement memorandum, that’s what makes much stuff different than anybody else, info USA, lead GT, sales Gini, Kaka. It’s a model information, zip plus for average of making the assumption that if in that average he’s making 200,000 a year, he may be accredited investor lead, that’s what they sell.

If you’re willing to pay something, since the name, you get when you deserve and don’t come to me asking for 7cent leads, because; well you know what? We do have some stuff up, we’ll talk about that later, but the bottom line is our leads are a dollar a piece, a thousand minimum, if you buy 5,000 they drop down to 50 cents, we give you four different files diversity, so you can see what’s good, what’s not and the bottom line is that when it comes to accredited investors, we’re the best.

I mean we have very, very, strong broker qualified leads, we’ve even got one that say qualified accredited investor and it’s what we call a big dog, 250 minimum and they have at least 5 million in investable assets, every thousand you spend you get a hundred of those for free and I do that to hook you and you’ll come back and that’s why you’re going to buy.

If you’re the kind of broker that can handle those big accounts, the whales, if you’re not, you get eaten for dinner, let’s not even talk about the big dogs. If you have any questions call me John Fisher 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

Precious Metals

Hi everybody! my name is John Fischer, welcome to salesleads.tv. Precious metals! again, a very, very, vague keyword, precious metals could be anything, I mean it could be platinum, it could be chromium, manganese, it could be everything. I’m hoping when you go to Google and say precious metals, what is it really what you’re looking for, let me tell you what I sell, I sell people that buy precious metals, either through an IRA or they flat out by the actual bullion itself or they do numismatic coins, so those are your three specific areas when it comes to precious metals.

Bullion, IRA bullion– in other words you can use your IRA to buy bullion, and of course numismatic coins which are graded coins, they not only have the intrinsic value of the weight of that metal, how many ounces of silver gold whatever, but they also have the actual age, how old they are, and also the condition, they’re graded by MF 67, 68, 69, 70, being like the best or even uncirculated. So, if you’re looking for precious metals and or you’re selling precious metals and you’re looking to go ahead and find people that buy them, we sell them at salesleads.tv.

We have a $1,000 minimum, there are a dollar a piece, so you buy 5,000, they go to 50 cents, so, at a $1,000 you get four different files up to fifty, if you go to 5,000 leads, we drop down to 50 cents, so for $2,500 you get 5,000 or a thousand leads you get a thousand, that’s your choice, take the obvious one.

If you have any questions let me know– hey by the way, if you have to sand number, we’ll scrub against them, do not call, if you don’t have a sand number, you’ll sign an indemnity, we have 1.3 million professional, litigators that’s really, really important, does your List Roker have that list? I don’t think so, does your list broker sell you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama, bad States, bad states, over-regulated, not very friendly, why buy lead to the state where you have a huge risk– potential risk.

We know what we’re doing, we’ve been doing this a long time, 28 years A+ rating, no complaint– well shoot me, two complaints in 28 years with the BBD, I’ll tell you about it when we have some time, if you have any questions– they’re joke, if you have any questions call me, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.