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DNC Spamming in Are Code 954

If your number has a 954 area code, you are probably getting more of those dreaded robocalls than most people around the country.

Broward County’s main area code ranks high on YouMail’s September Robocall List.

The company says that 4.4 billion robocalls were made last month nationwide. That comes out to 147 million per day, or …

Chicago CPA Charged with Insider Trading

Chicago, IL: Federal Prosecutors have charged a certified public accountant and former director of corporate audits for Chicago based Allscripts Healthcare Solutions with insider trading.
Steven M. Dobrowski has been charged with 16 counts of securities fraud in the indictment, each of which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a …

Money Manager Charged With False Advertising

New York, NY: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged a New York based money manager and his firm of false advertising.
The charges stem from claims made by the company on their Twitter, newsletters, and other communications about the success of their investment advice and a mutual fund that the firm manages.

In an …

Executives Charged with Securities Fraud

Austin, Texas: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced today that ArthroCare Corporation has agreed to pay $30 million in a monetary penalty to resolve charges that senior executives in the company engaged in securities fraud.
ArthoCare is a multi-business medical device company that manufactures, develops, and markets medical devices. However, members of the company’s …

Senior Citizens Targeted for Investment Scams

Over 80% of the private wealth in the United States is held by those that are 55 and older.
Senior citizens maintain the most wealth and are the most likely to be targeted for an investment scam.  Many seniors are taken advantage of by people they know, friends, family, and outsiders looking to raise a …

Insider Trading in Miami

Miami, Florida: In a insider trading bust today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged a Miami based trader for trading in the stock of Chinese company and for conducting an illegal short sale in the securities of three other companies.

According to the allegations by the SEC, Charles Raymond Langston III had previously learned …

80% of People Targeted by Investment Scams

Yahoo news reported a shocking statistic.  Almost 80% of US adults have been targeted by an investment scam.  FINRA conducted the poll and found that 40% of the people surveyed were unable to recognize the classic red flags of an investment scam.  They asked additional questions and found that 96% of people would not …

Son Reveals Father’s Ponzi Scheme

Now Investors to Be Paid Back
Investors are unknowingly taken advantage of all the time.  While there are thousands of good companies raising capital for legitimate needs, there are also thousands of scammers willing to take your money and spend it on themselves.

For investors that were victims of the Lupas Ponzie Scheme, justice was served when …

SEC’s Top Violator List

“All types of organizations can be in violation and investors are the ones that typically pay.”

As an investors, it is important to do your due diligence before investing into any deal.  Many investors think they are safe if they work with a reputable company, broker, investment group, or invest in municipal bonds.  If that’s …

SEC Assess a Penalty Against Municipal Issuer

The SEC Assess a Penalty Against a Municipal Issuer for the First Time

Municipal Issuer Hid the Fact that an Independent Consultant Reviewed Financial Projections and Raised Concerns Over Financial Viability.
The Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District, in Washington State, was charged with misleading investors by the SEC.  They issued a bond offering …