Before you pick up the phone to dial, use our cold calling tips to make sure that your calls generate leads and closed sales.  Cold calling isn’t something that most people look forward to doing.  It is, however, an important step for prospecting and keeping your pipeline full.  Make sure that each call is as effective as possible so that you can make more money and spend less time on the phone.

Cold Calling Tips Before You Call

  • Get Organized.  It is important to have everything you need in place before you start dialing.  Getting into the groove is critical for making the most calls and increasing your close ratio.  This is nearly impossible to do if you have to stop calling every two or three calls to dig for paperwork or information.  Have everything you need, including your tracking tools, at your fingertips before you pick up the phone.
  • Research.  You should know who you are calling ahead of time.  This may be as simple as categorizing your leads so you are calling consumers in similar situations or businesses in a similar industry.  By grouping your leads it will make research and calling easier.
  • Identify Help.  Find out who on your team can help you in a pinch.  For example, if you are excellent at opening the door but find it difficult to close, see if a closer is available to help you.  Understanding your strengths, and leveraging the rest of your team, will help you to close more sales.

Cold Calling Tips During the Call

  • Have a Purpose.  Identify why you are calling and what the benefit is to the listener.  Be able to clearly articulate that immediately upon making the call.  Listen into other colleagues for ideas if you need to. You have a very short period of time to make an impression so convey the purpose and benefit of your call right away.
  • Make a Connection.  Find common ground with your prospects and make a personal connection.  This can be as simple as being from the same area, watching the game later that day, or talking about family.  Even brief discussions on commonalities will make a prospect feel more at ease.
  • Ask Questions.  Don’t make the mistake of giving too much information before asking your prospect questions.  The more you learn about them, the easier it will be to close the sale because you will understand their needs and motivations.  By talking too much you may completely miss the mark.
  • Smile.  While prospects may not be able to see you over the phone.  They can sense when you are smiling and happy based on your tone and inflection.  The more you smile, the more confident you will appear which will create a sense of trust and confidence in you and what you are selling.
  • Referrals.  You should use and ask for referrals.  When calling a prospect you are more likely to get a warm reception, or a call back, when you can reference a person or a company that they are familiar with.  Referrals are powerful tools for opening doors.  When you are speaking with a prospect that isn’t interested at this time, you can ask them to refer you to someone that may be and use this strategy to grow your database.

You can also increase your chance of success by starting with a high quality lead list.  By narrowing down your prospects, you can focus on those with a higher likelihood of needing your products or services.  Cold calling requires consistency so after you acquire your list complete your research and block of time for calls every day.  The more calls you make the better you will get and the more deals you will close.