Cold Calling Tips to Turn Your Leads into Closed Sales


Cold calling is a fantastic way to grow your business.  While it may not be the most enjoyable the results are worth it.  You have the ability to reach prospects from throughout the country, grow your brand, and make more money.  With quality leads from you can connect with the right people within organizations that need your services.

Before you pick up the phone to start dialing follow these cold calling tips to increase your close ratio:

  1. Respect the persons time by getting to the point.  Don’t linger but be clear in why you are calling and how you can help them.
  2. Start by offering an inexpensive item or discount.  In today’s modern era try writing an ebook and giving it away.
  3. Research the prospect.  Find out about their business, what they do, who their target market is, and the niche they serve.  Use that research to give a personalized approach to the call.
  4. Speak with a decision maker.  Find out who has the authority to set the meeting or agree to what you are selling.  If you pitch the wrong person you will never get a close.
  5. Set meetings for a specific time.  Don’t set an appointment for something generic like Tuesday.  Make it Tuesday at 10 instead.
  6. Ask if anyone else needs to be at the meeting in order to make a decision.  Make your prospects value your time by bringing the right people to the meeting.
  7. Stay friendly by keeping a smile on your face.  If you are happy to be speaking with someone, they will respond in kind.  If you are irritated to be on the phone, so will they.
  8. Stay consistent.  Cold calling takes time, effort, and consistency.  You may not hit a home run your first at bat but keep going and you will see an increase in closed sales.
  9. Eliminate the distractions by calling from a quiet and isolated area.
  10. Leave a message with a clear reason to call you back.  You need to provide your prospect with a clear value for returning the phone call.  Entice them to act.

Cold calls can be extremely effective in growing your business

In order to turn leads into sales you need to follow up on a regular basis.  Once you have reached a prospect your job has only just started.  Send them an email, thanking them for their time and giving them your contact information.  Do this as soon as you get off the call.  Make sure to include something specific about what was said during your discussion.  If you are meeting with them confirm the date and location of your meeting.

Prior to meeting with a prospect make sure to do your homework.  Find out everything you can about the business including their client base, how they got their start, market news and trends, and anything else that may prove a need for your services.  Come to the meeting prepared and ready to close a deal.  Make sure you have the authority and ability to negotiate on the fly so that you can close more sales in less time.