Because of NFA regulations we cannot sell specific commodities leads, but we’ve had a lot of success providing brokerage firms with our accredited investor files.

Each individual prospect has an yearly income of at least $200K for the past two years or a minimum $1,000,000 net worth. They also have experience in managing their own personal investment portfolios.

What makes these leads so attractive is all have requested information about participating in private placement funds raising. Because private placements carry risks that are very similar to the commodities market, the receptivity of these investors to a variety of commodities offers remains high. In the hands of skilled, seasoned brokers, these leads are willing to listen to a wide range of investment opportunities.

Our investor lists target highly speculative investors who are constantly on the lookout for high-risk, high-reward opportunities. Their investment histories demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of risk. Because of their high individual net worth or high income, setting aside 10% of available funds for more aggressive investment opportunities is commonplace.

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