One of the Most Complete Consumer List Files Available

Our Consumers Lead File contains more than 100,000,000 households. Compiled from a multitude of sources, this consumer list is much more accurate than “single source” files.

Select all households by zip code, county, major metropolitan area, or state.

If you prefer, choose households within a certain radius of your business, which is especially convenient for retail establishments. You may select families with or without children. In addition, we’ll tell you whether your prospect lives in a multi-family or single-family dwelling.

Choosing bank card holders and/or retail store credit card holders improves your chances of a potential sale since these consumers are more likely to have good credit and extra purchasing power.

We have access to the largest, most comprehensive consumer database available, totalling over 100 million US households. We deliver the precision you need to expand your view of your customers and prospects and target direct marketing programs that generate the optimum results. Each consumer lead provides you with a name, address and phone number.

Additional selections available for targeting the most effective consumer list for your needs include:

  • Inferred age range
  • Household income range
  • Geographical area (i.e. zip code, county, state) that you request
  • Homeowner or renter
  • The type of dwelling in which the customer resides (i.e. single family, condo, multi-unit)
  • The length of residence for your customer
  • Whether or not they have credit cards
  • The home value range of your customer

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