Why should I buy custom surveyed leads?

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Fact: Many of our clients are not experienced in the art of telemarketing.

Fact: Even seasoned sales teams will spend more time and money prospecting non-surveyed leads.

Fact: Our survey rooms can smooth out potential glitches in the road that might slow down or add cost to your telemarketing campaigns.

For example, if you are looking for mortgage leads we can customize a survey that will meet your qualifications. If you are a stockbroker, we can prospect, get permission for you to call, and further pre-qualify your future clients.

Virtually any custom survey can be created. We can survey for insurance, travel, research, other available counts or practically any other niche you might want to define, and you always have a choice of keeping the surveys in the USA or outsourcing to India, Canada, West Indies or South America.

All surveyed prospects must be purged against your SAN number!

Salesleads.tv has started a new, highly successful survey division.

We make survey calls on behalf of our clients.

YOU write the scripts, set the pace, and oversee nearly every aspect of the survey process.

WE have a team of phone pros that have been trained to achieve the best results possible.

What we WON’T do is close business for you. That is your job.

What we will do is survey the leads you purchase from us to find the people who are presently interested in your offer or product. We then pass these surveys along to you.

We cannot make any guarantees as to the results of the surveys, but we can tell you that we have yet to find an unsatisfied customer.

There is a lot of leeway as to how the survey is conducted. We can set appointments for you, email potential clients your newsletter, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Perhaps the greatest benefit to our survey service is the potential access to people on the Do Not Call list that you can not, according to the TSR, make sales calls to.


Salesleads.tv can survey a person and send them a form asking for their permission to have someone from your company contact them via phone. The person must include, on the permission form, their digital or real signature and phone number that may be called.

Once their permission has been obtained, someone from your company may call that person back. That person is now considered an inquiry, and you may call them for up to 90 days. However, if they ask that you stop calling them during this time, you must do so.

After 90 days, unless you have established a business relationship, you may not call them anymore, except for survey purposes.

Considering that almost 90% of adults are on the DNC list, THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY.

Our survey services are sold in blocks of 100 hours, $50.00 an hour.

Please call 1-800-590-5323 to purchase a survey project or for more information.