Survey Respondents

Free QuoteWe can provide you with an assortment of Response List files to give you highly targeted selections of businesses and consumers who have proven their responsiveness to direct marketing offers and surveys. The names of companies and individuals on these files come from a variety of sources including survey responses, catalogs, mail-order products and services you offer based on their previous responses to similar products and services.

For instance, if you offer gourmet food products through the mail, subscribers to high-end food and wine magazines could be your best target market, as well as individuals and companies that have purchased from Harry and David, Omaha Steaks, and other specialty food products catalogs. Offering a new type of golf glove? Why not mail to current subscribers of Golf Digest?

Take advantage of survey respondent lists from:

  • American Bar Association
  • American Medical Association
  • Lillian Vernon Catalog Buyers
  • Sports Illustrated Subscribers
  • TV Guide Subscribers
  • PC News Subscribers
  • Financial Seminar Attendees
  • Prevention Magazine Subscribers
  • Today’s Home Subscribers
  • Double Day Book Buyers
  • Standard and Poor’s Subscriber File
  • Mother Earth News

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