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  • The World Has Changed, So Has International Direct Marketing
    This article sketches out an overview of the major trends that have dramatically altered Direct Marketing over the last 25 years, identifies the most important features of the current DM business landscape, and indulges in a bit of well-informed crystal ball gazing as well. Author Charles Prescott prosposes that new technology has effected the most sweeping restructuring ever experienced in the DM industry, as the digital revolution has enabled and even demanded a new level of competitiveness characterized by unprecedented efficiency and fragmentation. Call-centers, optical phone lines, VoIP telephony, dataprocessing and of course the internet have helped usher in an era of global business relationships in the direct marketing industry. According to Prescott, while the basic principles of DM have not changed – ‘right list, right offer, right time’ – the infrastructure that enables those priniciples to be put into play would be practically unrecognizable to anyone who worked in the industry before the deregulations and technological advances of the past two decades. Prescott concludes the article by talking about some of the new niches that have opened up in international marketing thanks to the relentless innovation and competition that he documents so well. is experienced in exploiting some of the opportunities Prescott describes, as we have been providing list services to clients in Europe, including the UK, Australia and beyond for some time. Read more here… 
  • Renting an ‘Enhanced Marketing’ List – What to Watch Out For
    This article provides an in-depth look at exactly what to expect when working with lists that have been supplemented with lifestyle data and other so-called ‘demographic affinities’. According to the author, brokerage and management firms have been on the front lines in the effort to understand the usefulness and limitations of enhanced marketing lists, regardless of whether that data has been enhanced with ‘recency option’ (‘hotline’) or ‘near-miss’ lifestyle details. These more sophisticated attempts at identifying precise market segments and then devising direct mail campaigns around intensively ‘computer matched’ data have produced mixed results for many list owners, marketing agencies, and advertisers. It pays to consider the risks involved in renting marketing enhanced lists before attempting to capture some of the elusive ‘continuation income’ that will no doubt remain a target of many DM resources for the forseeable future. Read more here … 
  • Using Direct Mail to Expand Your Client Base: 10 Tips
    Bob Cargill of Yellowfin Direct Marketing explores 10 fresh, solid ideas for effectively building an audience with direct mail, inspired both by current trendsetters like Seth Godin and time-worn, proven methods. It never hurts to revisit truisms like “a bad offer to a good list works better than a good offer to a bad list,” or “show appreciation,” but what’s energizing about Mr. Cargill’s advice is the way he follows K.I.S.S. priniciples while encouraging marketers and salespeople to continually try new strategies. There are hundreds of books on selling and marketing out there, and this brief list condenses the wisdom in many of them down to a refreshing one-pager that can lift up a marketing or sales team from the afternoon doldrums almost as well as a group espresso run. Read more here … 
  • DM Association predicts robust third quarter, 2004
    Despite a somewhat soft economy, all players in the Direct Marketing industry, from users and suppliers to agencies, are expected to experience good results and growth in Q3, 2004. This is marked contrast to widely reported weakness across the Direct Marketing sector from Fall 2003 through Spring 2004, when the double whammy of adjusting to the Federal Do Not Call list roll out, and an overall cloudy economic picture eroded sales and profitability for suppliers and agencies alike. Now that demand from end users of DM services appears to be firming up, with renewed priority being given to new customer acquistions even as advertisting budgets stay flat, agencies and data providers are expecting their sales to regain the steady grow seen in early 2003. Read more here… 


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