Hi Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads TV. So back in October, I gave you guys an update about the three problems that we’ve been having that are really, really going to affect your business.

It’s definitely affecting my business. So let’s start off with the first one, and that is your Apple phone. My iPhone has a silence call feature. It’s an app. And when you turn the silence call on, what it does is it takes a look at that phone number, it’s caller ID, and if they’re not in your contact, it’ll automatically put silence call block it.

Not block it, but not pick it up and shoot it straight into voicemail. And when you take a look at it, matter of fact, it doesn’t even go to voicemail. It just looks in your recent calls and it says silence call.

It doesn’t even take a message. It does nothing. Just boom, right into that particular recent call marked silenced call. It’s silenced because the criteria for the app, the Apple app, is if that guy’s phone number is not in your contacts, therefore we’re not picking up the phone.

So you can imagine that we’ve had a tremendous migration from the hardline landlines to cell phones. So now I would say 80% of everything is cell phones right now. And I’d say out of about 80%, 60, 70% is iPhones.

So I would say safely, out of every thousand leads I sell you, five to 600 of them are going to be hit with silence call. There’s no way of me being able to identify which one it is. So that’s number one.

Number two, telecom. The telecoms have a magic number, by the way. This is Florida Libre. This is a shirt that I made, and I’m really, really plot proud of the state of Florida. We were able to turn this state from blue to red.

I know you may not like politics, but down here in Florida. We don’t like woke. We kick woke’s ass. And this is a shirt celebrating the Latin community, in this case the Cuban community, for turning Florida into a red state and having the freedom that we have.

That’s what libre means. It used to be Cuba Libre. And the problem is that never happened in Cuba. Not yet. One day, hopefully. But Florida, we definitely got rid of the lunatics and the Woke bullshit and beat the crap out of Disney World.

But anyway, let me move on. I don’t know how even got there. Yeah, I’m a patriot, and so are you. And if you don’t like the fact that I’m a patriot, don’t do business with me. I don’t do business with you.

Let’s get back to the telecoms. The telecoms have a formula. And that formula is that X amount of phone calls. They automatically take your caller ID and they put suspected spam. So there’s your second problem.

You got silence call. You got suspected spam. How do you take care of that suspected spam? Problem is, in the morning, before you start dialing, dial someone’s cell number. Look at the caller ID, and if it says suspected spam, you need to switch numbers.

Number three. And you guys that think you’re really smart using that stupid app or that program that changes the area code to something local in his area, and you think you’re being very smart, you’re not being very smart.

You’re really making a huge mistake. Because right now, everybody is so hip to that program. I get them all the time. I get belglade. Belglade is the biggest sugarcane town in Florida. It’s the poorest town.

Nothing but AIDS. Really low, low rent. Who would call me from Bellglade to buy leads or to do any kind of business with me other than sell me some dope or sell me some sugar? I mean, it’s ridiculous.

So people are getting hip to that. You keep using that app, and it’s going to be a problem. And by the way, I warned you guys about. You know, using these apps that are somehow clearing the Do Not Call without you buying a sand number, and they just busted phone burner.

If you, if you Google phone burner, they not only busted those guys, but they’re also going to go after their clients. The Federal Trade Commission rule is real simple, and especially if you’re a precious metals, a New Zealand coin guy, you have to have a sand number to dial people you know in the country, and you have to make sure that they’re not on the Do Not Call me as a service provider.

If you have a sand number, I’ll scrub your leads for you. If you don’t have a sand number, I’ll get you one. You got to pay $65 an area code. First five area codes are free, and it takes at least 100, 150 of those.

So you figure 6000, $510,000 on top of that. You can’t I’m not allowed to have a sand number. I can’t scrub leads unless you have San number, sand number, subscription account number. I’m a service provider.

So what I do is I take your sand number, I go to the FTC website, hey, I’m representing this client. Here’s the sand number. Give me the numbers. He’s not allowed to dial in his area codes. And then they give me this huge database of phone numbers that you’re not allowed to call.

And then I take the leads that I’m about to sell you. I do a merge perch to make sure not to sell you those names. Then you get the net net, not the people on Do Not Call. Now, here’s the problem with that.

250,000,000 people are on the Do Not Call, so there’s not a lot left over, number one. And number two, the bottom line is that you have to spend a lot of money to get the sand number. So it’s not really sustainable, but it is the law.

And you know what, if my regulator was the Federal Trade Commission and I’m selling selling numismatic coins and you don’t have a sand number, I mean, that’s like such an Achilles heel. It’s almost like wearing a sign on your ass that says, kick me, bust me, and take all my money, because the minimum they’re going to hit you for is a quarter million dollars.

So, yeah, you guys either have a sand number I’ll scrub loudly, no problem, for free. If you don’t have a sand, I’m gonna get you one. You have to pay for it. And number three, if you don’t have a sand number, don’t want to get one, you sign the indemnity, I sell you a raw list.

Because you’re not providing me a sand number. I have no way of knowing who’s on the do not call. And at that point in time, you’re on your own. And that’s what that indemnity form says. That’s been working for a while.

But I’ll tell you, it looks like something’s going on right now, because they’re busting the dollar programs, these people, with the dollar rack. And it’s trickling down to you guys. I mean, I’ve seen it the last couple of months, seen a lot of coin.

Guys have a problem. They’re not even returning phone calls. Phones are disconnected. This is all catching up. So be aware of what I just said to you, and you’re up to date as of March the first, 2023.

I know it’s not good news, but God bless you, and have a beautiful day.