Enhance Your Social Media Campaign With Crowdfunding Investor Leads

Crowdfunding has recently become all the rage. The extraordinary advancement of social media as a marketing tool to publicize and promote business makes it easier for budding entrepreneurs to source their business investment needs to a mass audience. However, as with most fads and rages in business, the early starters get the most from it and as more people have sought to imitate those pioneers, it has become a less reliable means of raising money for a business, real estate investment or other commercial projects. There is nevertheless still hope. Getting crowdfunding investors leads can help you target specific individuals or groups that may be interested in investing in your project.

Product Crowdfunding

The very premise of crowdfunding makes it a risky way of raising money. In order to make it work, you must pre-sell the product online. You are asking a mass, undifferentiated audience (your prospective investors) to give you the money you need to make the product and wait until you’re ready to distribute and retail it before they receive their return. It may be the case that your product meets a particular market demand. Indeed, you may be skilled and competent enough to create a market for your product if you can only get the money to bring it to fruition. However, it may be the case that you just can’t get the project off the ground through crowdfunding. As with many things on social media, popularity and success depend on gaining a certain momentum—on going viral in some way.

Finding Prospective Investors

If you’re not ready to give up on your crowdfunding strategy, then it may be time to change your tactics. One of the reasons why it’s so hard to get traction in crowdfunding with social media is because the platforms have become so saturated with everyone pushing their products and agendas on everyone else, it’s difficult to get noticed. You may have a real winner. You may have a product or invention that will give your connections on social media a great return for their money. Unfortunately, they may not be able to see how your pitch differs from all the others because they are bombarded  daily.

Accredited Crowdfunding Investor Lists

Rather than trying to break through such walls of indifference you should seek out serious, solid investor leads who know a good opportunity when they see one. Instead of depending on small chunks of money from many individuals you should make it your goal to obtain larger investments from a select few individuals (private investors). This will save you a great deal of time, and it will put you in a position of actually moving forward in your business.

Good investment leads are not so easy to find. Whether you’re working in the more traditional world of communicating by phone or in this new world of social media, you should be targeting only those persons who have been properly vetted and who you know are ready and willing to fund worthy projects. Getting the right crowdsourcing investment leads will give you an advantage in pursuing a social media-based funding strategy. You will spend less time on the whim and caprice of individuals in your network and more time cultivating serious investment relationships.