If you are looking for equity investor leads, SalesLeads.tv has got you covered! We have been in the lead business for over 31 years, specializing in accredited investor leads. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

What are equity investor leads?

Every investor, of course, wants to have access to equity investor leads. You can get these of course, by purchasing them. While we specialize in providing real accredited investor leads, we do provide equity investor leads. Whether you are interested in venture capital leads, or angel investment leads, we have access to the best investors and can provide those leads to you.

equity investor leads at salesleads.tv

What is an equity investor?

An equity investor is a who invests in a business for personal gain. They typically invest in startups or small businesses that are still working on proving themselves. While an angel investor is typically looking for equity in a business, venture capitalists are also looking for a return on their investment, but they will often be looking for a stake of 30% or more. This makes it easier for them to exit their investment later on when they want to sell it off.

Who are equity investor leads for?

Every business owner is going to want to know where they can find investors for their own businesses. If you are a real estate agent, a startup entrepreneur, or someone looking to take a brick-and-mortar store online, equity investor leads are essential! Equity investor leads can also be a good way for you to invest your own money into startups as well. If you have ever thought about getting started investing in startups, this is an excellent way for you to get started.

What does an equity investor lead look like?

Our equity investor leads come with vital information about the investors. SalesLeads.tv can even tailor your leads to your business’s needs, all you have to do is contact us, fill us in on your needs and we will handle the rest!