One of the largest list files of individuals in the United States, our American Family Members File, contains more than 140,000,000 people; allowing you to select individuals family members by such characteristics as exact age, gender, credit worthiness, and in many states, even height and weight information.

Pinpoint your target market by adding household information such as income or number of people in the household. Select families with or without children. Choose prospects living in multi-family and single-family homes, or select all households by zip code, county, major metropolitan area, or state.

Determining households within a certain radius of your business proves especially convenient for retail establishments. Choosing bankcard holders and/or retail store credit holders (people more likely to have good credit and extra purchasing power) improves your chances of success.

  • Zip, County, State, Area Code
  • Phone Numbers
  • Male/Female Only
  • Current Residents
  • Radius Select/Map Work

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