We normally charge $1 a piece. If you do 5,000 we drop to $0.50. There are a lot of variations and stuff.. but for the most part the coin leads, the private placement leads, the franchise and the opt-in people who have responded to real estate. Those all fall into the same category they are usually a $1 a piece if you buy 5,000 (leads) we drop to $0.50 a piece.
IF I DON'T HAVE A SAN# CAN YOU SHOW ME HOW TO GET ONE? Hi, everybody! Now the question is are your leads scrubbed against the Do Not Call? Only if you have a SAN# and I’m going to answer the next question of course. And that is “How do we get a SAN#?” You call us up – you’re paying for the SAN# we DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR SAN#. The first 5 area codes are FREE then after that you’ll have to pay $62/ area code. Yes, we are service providers known with the FTC and we can take care of all of that for you, if you choose to scrub your leads.
We do PayPal.. and by the way it’s a PayPal portal. Why do we use it? Secure – it’s beautiful. We’ve been using it for year and years. You’ll never have to worry about credit card theft or identification theft.. And by the way you do not need to be a PayPal member. I know some of you guys say “I don’t have a PayPal account”. It doesn’t matter it will take a regular check or credit card. We can take a check it’ll take a long time to clear. We can also do a bank wire.. it’s not a problem. We are very user friendly.
Ever since we found out there was such a thing a litigator list… and what is a Litigator list? These are professional DNC guys. They like people that buy a bunch of phone numbers put their numbers on the do not call and wait for you to call them so they can sue ya. They will blackmail you, extort ya . Its really bad there are some firms that are actual law firms. 30, 40, 50,000. Look it up on Google I don’t make this stuff up. All they do is sue people. It’s pretty bad. We have been getting them, buying them we have been doing all kinds of things now for years. Lucky to day one gentleman got a letter from somebody who he didn’t buy leads from us. Matter of Fact this is how insidious these guys are the guy left a message with him and he called him back to leave a record on the phone bill that he in fact did call him but actually he returned the call. He never showed up in our database.. we never sold him that name and he never could find that guys name. So you gotta be very very careful with these guys. These answer is we currently have 1.2 MILLION KNOWN LITIGATORS and their phone numbers. You know what we are not going to sell them to you. So as long as you buy from us you’re protected by us. We scrub against known litigators.
They come in any format you want. We can do Excel, CSV, PDF. Addy hates 3x5 cards..but if we have to do 3x5 cards their expensive you’ll have to pay for freight as well as the cards which are $0.02/ name. We can send them to you in any format you want.
Oh I like this question. 28 years we’ve been in business and we have an A+ rating.
Me! I’m the only one. That’s good for you because you know what that means how many times can I sell a list? That’s what happened to those guys out in IL that are no longer around. They had too many people – Kentucky fried turkey they sold that stuff over and over again. It doesn’t work.
Number 1 I am a closer! Number 2 I’ve opened so many rooms and bought so many leads. I’ve got that hands on experience. I’ve been in business for 28 years. I know this business. I consider myself the best in the industry. You know what through attrition I’m one of the few guy still standing. I mean real legitimate guys still standing. I have integrity I take care of my people. I think if you do check with the BBB I have 2 complaints in 28 years. One from Lithuania I do not even know who that guy is. And one ten year customer – He insulted one of my girls and I fired him! I will not sell him leads anymore. Two years later I find out he put a complaint in with the BBB. We are the right guys. Do not let my over confidence and interpret for arrogance. It happens I am really good. We take care of our people. If there is a problem we fix it. We are fast as hell. We deliver within 30 minutes. If there is a problem we are right there for you .