Hi, John Fischer of http://SalesLeads.tv. Let’s talk about financial leads. What’s a financial lead? My definition of a financial lead is a guy who’s looking to buy some kind of a financial instrument. It could be an IRA; it could be a mutual fund; it could be a money market, you know? Whatever.

When we deal with people that are looking to financial advisors, people that are looking for a five-mile radius, so they only want leads in the one area code or in zip codes. We usually can’t help you. The amount of people that we have are almost all accredited investors and, let me tell you, that list continues to shrink, big time! I think we have, maybe, two hundred thousand that are not what we call the village bike. These are people that are not getting beat up, aren’t getting hammered. And the majority of those guys are accredited investors, so if you’re looking for financial leads or investor leads- people that’ll invest. And the word ‘accredited’, it’s not in there; it’s not bracketed in that amount. It’s usually people that have less than ten/fifteen/ twenty thousand and, quite frankly, that’s not the kinda guys we like to sell. You don’t make money, you know, we’re not gonna make money, and the bottom line is we specialize in accredited investors. So, if you’re looking for financial leads, understand they’re gonna be accredited. If you’re looking for investor leads, they’re gonna be accredited, so I think a better keyword for you in the future to use when you’re looking for leads would be ‘accredited investor leads’. That’s the magic keyword, and that’s what you’re looking for. You have any questions, gimme a call: 561-981-8777. My name is John Fischer. http://SalesLeads.tv

Like a magic trick anyone can pull leads out of a hat, but really, how good are those leads?

Most generic online financial leads lists are old and feature inaccurate contact info. On top of this, most of the leads are for individuals that are not even in the market for your services or products. This is not only frustrating; it costs you time and money.

SalesLeads.TV is the most trusted choice for financial lead lists and offers the most comprehensive quality financial lead lists in the business. We have been supplying online financial leads list for over 25 years. Our strictly qualified online financial leads lists originate with sources such as Dun and Bradstreet, as well as with selected organizations such as the American Bar Association, American Medical Association, and major magazine subscription lists. Each one of our financial leads is FTC compliant and contains potential customers that have requested more info about the services you provide.

This is what real lead generation and lists are all about. With SalesLeads.TV online financial leads lists, every marketing campaign, whether it is emailing or telemarketing is taken to the next level.  Our targeted list is the top choice of marketing agencies across the US. Best of all when you choose SalesLeads.TV for you online financial leads list, there are No Monthly Subscriptions and we offer Free updates.

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