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Find Accredited Investors

Hi.  My name is John Fischer.  Welcome to  My name is John Fischer.  I’m the owner of the company.  The reason we do these videos, and the reason, you know, we give you guys an education is to facilitate your goals.  And, of course, what you’re looking to do is find people to invest in your, hopefully, private-placements, complete the project- complete it both ways-  they’re raising the money, making the project come to fruition, and living happily ever after.

Now, one of the terms, or some of the terms that we see you punching into Google, Bing, Yahoo! happens to be: ‘Find accredited investors’ or ‘How to reach accredited investors’ or ‘How to find accredited investors’.  And the answer to the question is: By buying them from, John Fischer. We sell people that have been mailed a private-placement memorandum. These people have gone through a vetting process.  They have been asked, do they make two hundred thousand a year?  Have they got at least a million net worth, not including their home? Experience in managing their personal portfolio? Twenty-five to fifty thousand a comfortable entry level? And mailed a private-placement memorandum.  So, to make life easy for you, and keep it really, really simple, if you’re looking to find accredited investors or looking how to reach accredited investors or how to find  accredited investors, you’re at the right place- 561-239-0364. Again, I’m John Fischer.  Thank you for your time, and God bless.