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Talking About Real Estate Investor Leads.

When we say “real estate investor leads“, we’re not talking about people.  I mean, it could be people that will flat out buy the entire real estate parcel, but for the most part, it’s going to be real estate partnerships. So if you’re looking for real estate investor leads, or what we call “accredited real estate investor leads”, we’re the right people.

These investors are mostly partnership guys. I always tell people, “My job is not to identify the vertical“.

The vertical would be people investing in movies, people investing in biotech, people investing in whatever. My job is to identify the accredited investor and we do a good job at that here at All the people in our leads database are private placement memorandum recipients. They been given the definition of an accredited investor and asked if they meet the qualifications and they’ve answered, “Yes“.

These investors have been asked if $25,000 to $50,000 is a comfortable entry level investment amount, and they’ve again answered, “Yes“.

So, remember, if you’re looking for real estate investor leads, specifically accredited investor leads that are looking for partnerships, but have the money to invest and buy the whole piece of the property or the property themselves. Give us a call: John Fischer- 561-981-8777 or 800-590-5323. You may also request a free quote or chat with me here online. Offers the Following Accredited Investor Leads for Sale:

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