Once you have reached a sales lead it is important to capture their interest and make them excited to learn more.  Some types of sales can be closed on the first try where others require a longer sales cycle and cultivation.  Generally speaking, the more expensive the item, the longer the sales cycle.  Unfortunately, it is easy to lose the sale by not following up in time or not following up at all.

Here are Tips for Closing More Sales Leads by Improving Your Follow Up Skills.

  • Tracking.  You need to have a good call tracking system in place, other than notes on scratch paper.  Your tracking system should be electronic and include a place for notes and when you are supposed to call back next.  Your notes should be as thorough as possible to include personal information that you can use again in conversation.
  • Alerts.  An auto alert system can make sure that you don’t miss any follow up calls. This can be as simple as a calendar alert or tied into a sales tracking software.  If you are on a budget, create a Gmail account and use the calendar feature to set your alerts.  Make sure that you include in the calendar the phone number, person you are calling, and any relevant notes.
  • Have a plan.  It is important to understand what you are trying to sell and the steps of the sales process.  Have a plan for what information you are going to give your sales leads and the order that you want to give it in.  You don’t want to overwhelm someone with too much information at once.  By making a sales flow chart, you can determine where they are within the sales cycle and give information accordingly.
  • Establish trust.  Build a relationship with your sales leads so that they will trust you and the advice you are giving.  Set yourself apart as a knowledge expert in your industry and provide them with useful information.  You should also find common ground so that you can talk about things they can relate to.
  • Create a sense of urgency.  Using a special promotion or a time sensitive offer, create a sense of urgency that makes them want to finalize their purchase quickly.  This is an important tool that will prevent you from spending too much time in the overall sales cycle.  If they are not motivated by the special offer, they are probably not ready to purchase and need to be put on the back burner or second tier of people to follow up with.
  • Keep your promise.  If you say that you will send something or call back at a certain time – do it.  Keeping your promises is important in closing the sale and will give them confidence in your abilities.

If you follow these steps, it will be easier for you to close your sales leads and your overall conversion rate will improve.  It takes time to cultivate relationships but doing so will create long term clients for you and your company.