We have been very impressed by the massive turnout of young undocumented residents as they applied for temporary status so that they can attend college or join the military. As you know, SalesLeads.tv sells a lot of lists containing Hispanic business leads. This particular niche of our business has always performed well, but now we see the seeds being planted for the next generation of Hispanic entrepreneurship in this country.

Literally tens of thousands of young Hispanics lined up at processing centers in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles to take part in the two-year amnesty. The acceptance criteria include:

  • Coming to the U.S. as children
  • Attending school or in military service
  • Clean criminal records

The people in this group came to the U.S. with their parents or other relatives as youngsters, and obviously had little say in the process. It only makes sense to welcome those who aspire to higher education and great careers here in the U.S. By 2050, the current minority populations in this country will have ascended to the majority. During the interim, young Hispanics and Latinos understand the tremendous opportunities that are unfolding at a time when the next generation of Hispanic businesses is starting up. With college and graduate school now a viable option to so many teenage Hispanics who had been living in the shadows, the nature and scope of Hispanic businesses is going to significantly broaden. This new generation will become the lawyers, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs of the next decade.

Like many of the ethnic groups that preceded them, the Hispanic community wants to be American and still retain their cultural traditions. Salespersons and marketers that cater to Hispanic customers know this, which is why our Hispanic business lead lists are so popular. We can further customize these lists to concentrate on just the types of businesses you want to reach. We also include basic information about each business, including it Standard Industrial Classification, sales volume, physical geographic locations and contact information. The number of Hispanic businesses is growing each year, so we get many repeat customers who want to reach out to the newest firms. As the educational opportunities of the Hispanic population continue to expand, we will witness a concomitant growth in the upper-middle and wealthy Hispanic classes. This creates more sales and marketing challenges to identify and communicate with affluent Hispanics. Let us help you meet those challenges by providing you with high-quality Hispanic business leads. The demographics are clear – the future of our country lies largely in their hands. Get onto the ground floor now so that you don’t miss out on this huge trend – contact us today!

Eric Bank