At we specialize in accredited gold investor leads! We have been in the lead business for over 31 years specializing in accredited investor leads. We do have many different options of leads to choose from, but today we will be talking about our gold investors leads.

What are gold investor leads?

Gold investor leads are people interested in investing in gold coins, bars, and other forms of investment products. These leads are also known as precious metals leads and have a high probability of selling their investment. Because of their benefit as an investor, they typically will not attend any kind of sales event and always want to make their decision personally.

Why should I buy gold investor leads?

The name says it all.  If you are interested in obtaining gold investor leads, you should buy them! The best way to have success in this business is by having relationships with people involved in this industry. These people can introduce you to more individuals who may be interested in what you offer. Leaving these kinds of individuals out of your business may hurt your success.

Where can I get gold investor leads?

You can buy gold investor leads at! We have been selling our gold investor leads to people in the sales business for over 3 decades and we have perfected our lead program. With you will never run out of leads to call on and you will always be able to do your job more efficiently.

How do I deal with gold investor leads?

You will need to be able to handle a very high volume of calls. You will need to have a lot of patience and a strong voice when working with these people. Gold investor leads typically will not hang up the phone on your call, so you will need to keep them on the line as long as you possibly can.

What are some common questions gold investor leads ask?

Can I see any gold coins that you have for sale? – This is a key question for some leads. They want to see a real example of what they are purchasing before they make the purchase. They also want to make sure that the gold coins are authentic, which cannot be faked.  This is usually a quick question that can be answered by showing them a few gold coins.  You should take the time to explain to them what they are looking at and what they would be receiving when they buy your gold coins.

What is the best way to sell these items? – This is another key question for these types of leads. The gold investors lead will ask this question in regards to selling their investment products. They will ask you if you can call them back and sell their products on the phone.

At we have many different options for people in the business of selling investment products. If you are interested in purchasing gold investor leads, please contact us today so you can tell us all about your needs.