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Gold Investor Leads

Hey, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to I’m starting to lose my voice. Gold investor leads. Let’s just say precious metal leads, silver, numismatic coin leads, we do it all. If you’re looking to buy someone that is interested in precious metals, IRAs or numismatic coins, gold, silver, it doesn’t matter. We have ‘em. We have 50,000 of ‘em. Strictly clients. So they are all people that have bought in the past. Many times I can tell you the dates when they bought. A lot of times, I can tell you the product; some lists will even show you what the product is. We own If you want some more information, you can go there. But, you know what? When it comes to precious metals, I don’t like prospects. I wanna have a guy that I can sell you that wrote a check before. Many cases, there’s date stamps, time stamps. All you gotta do is take a look at ‘in 2014, August 5th, this guy bought. You look at the chart and you can see where silver was. You can see where it went. And, you know what? It’s real easy to tell a guy, ‘Hey, you know what? You caught that move. You got another shot to catch the move again.’ Precious metals keep going up and keep getting pushed down, pushed down, pushed down. Hopefully, one of these days, something’s gonna happen. I know when I used to sell precious metals, if somebody sneezed, gold and silver went up 20/$30. You got Iran. You got the nut in Korea. I mean there’s so much insanity going on, and gold and silver can’t get it the hell outta their way. Yeah, I’m very upset about that. I’m sure you guys are frustrated. But, you know what, one day it’s gonna break. I mean I really think that’s gonna happen. This paper dollar can’t keep up where it’s at. Eventually, it’s gonna have to happen. And, you know what, we’ve got some nice moves. It’s a great buying opportunity, and just keep talking to these people. And the bottom line is, you’ll get the sales. These people are buyers. If you’re selling numismatic coins, don’t sell the same thing everybody else is selling. The beautiful thing about precious metals, numismatic coin lists are that, or leads, are that they’re always looking what you have. So they have a safe. They may have the silver eagle, the gold eagle. They may have the Saint Gaudens. They may have the Saint Gaudens high relief, which I love those. I have a lot of those in my safe. They may be looking at the Gold Buffalo. Whatever it is, don’t sell what everybody else is selling, and you’ll have high success. At least 5% of my list will buy from ya. If you have any questions, call me: John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.