Hi Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to SalesLeads TV. We’re going to talk about gold leads and you know, what we’re doing. I’m trying something new here. I’m not being so arrogant to believe that I’ve got all the answers and all the information, but I could tell you that from being in the lead business as A list broker for the last 32 years, I have some intelligence.


And I went out there and I looked for artificial intelligence. I look for all the stuff that’s out there and I gathered some of it and I’m going to review it and I’m going to criticize it or agree with it.


But I’m going to give you the best of both worlds. I’m going to give you hands on a guy who has the experience, not some computer. And then I’m going to take a look at what they got to say because I’m an open minded guy and maybe they make sense.


By the way, Salesleads.TV has been in business for 32 years. We have an A plus rating. We’ve done very, very well. I’m a one man operation. Ten years or 15 years ago, somebody embezzled a lot of money from me.


I had like 15 guys on the phone, fired everybody and became a one man operation. And tell you it’s not easy, but man, it’s great because the quality of the salespeople out there, I don’t have to tell you, man, your guys, your challenges are finding good salespeople that don’t have bad habits.


But we can talk about that. That’ll be a key word. How do you find a freaking good salesperson? Gold leads. Gold leads are a type of lead list that includes contact information and individual businesses that have expressed an interest in buying or selling gold.


I agree. These leads can include a wide range of information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant details. I agree. Go. Leads used by gold dealers, investment firms, other businesses involved in buying and selling gold.


By using Gold Leads, these businesses can identify potential customers and clients who are interested in buying or selling gold and they could target their marketing efforts more effectively. Very generic.


I’m not that. There are several different sources of gold leads available. Purchase leads. Excuse me? That’s me. These are good leads that businesses can purchase from third party providers. These lists can be targeted to specific demographics or industries and can provide a cost effective way to generate leads.


I don’t know about specific demographics other than they bought Numismatic coin leads or their IRA buyers. Other than that, referral lists. These are gold leads that are businesses generated through the referrals from existing customer clients.


Referral lists can be more targeted and maybe more likely to result in quality leads. I agree with that. Unfortunately I’m not involved with that. But yeah, I would absolutely have a referral program going on network lists.


This is leads generated through network marketing, such as attending industry events and joining professional organizations. Networking lists. That can be useful way to generate new leads in a more informal setting.


How about shows? How about coin shows? How about the money show? So this computer is not that sharp. And by the way, if I’m going to sell numismatic coins or precious metals, I’m going to the money show number one.


Number two, I’m going to go to any kind of investment shows that are out there, especially coin shows and precious metal shows and auction and so on. Online lists there are gold lead generated through online marketing efforts such as search engine optimization, social media, advertising.


Online lists can be useful way to target potential customers who are actively searching gold related products or services. We take it a step further. The leads I sell you have been generated by many, many of these different methods, specifically online, that could be whatever pretty much opt in and then they call them up and then they buy.


And then we buy the leads. We buy the customers that don’t buy from them anymore. If they go out of business, we buy the list that become available. There’s a lot of companies that go out of business for various reasons, and the Federal Trade Commission has some pretty good rules about them.


Unfortunately, it’s very gray, the markup rule. I mean, if you buy a Rolex at Gray Jewelers, you’ll buy $22,000 and the next day it’s worth $10,000. So they do what’s called a keystone markup, 100% markup.


I don’t know if you can get away with taking a gold eagle, even if it’s an Ms 70 and multiply times two and charge that, but I’ve seen some markups. Matter of fact, one of the ways I usually judge a customer that buys lease from me is by how he marks up his products.


It’s pretty hard to really see what they’re up to and what they’re doing, but they don’t last long. If they’re not playing clean business, they don’t last long. They eventually have a problem. When using gold leads is important for businesses to ensure that they are targeting the right audience and that they’re using the leads.


Ethically and responsibly business should be complied with all applicable laws, regulations related to data privacy and marketing. Again, the computer is not that sharp because the computer is not telling you that the Federal Trade Commission is the regulator of the punishment coin in the precious metals industry.


They’re not telling you about the Do Not Call where there’s 250,000,000 people on a do not call. And if you have a sand number, we’ll scrub we’re a service provider. If you don’t have a sand number, we’ll get one for you.


You’re paying for it. First five area codes are free. After that, you got to pay $65 an area code. If you don’t want to get a sand number, then you’re going to sign an indemnity and you’re going to say, hey, I understand that.


That’s my response possibility, not yours. I’m not allowed to have a sand number. I’m not allowed to scrub your leads unless you have a sand number. Those dialers that are scrubbing your leads, you want to piss off the government, go ahead and undermine their methods of.


Regulating the actual industry. I mean, if you got to piss somebody off, don’t piss off the government. Don’t steal the do not Call. You’re circumventing the registration process. So I know it’s tough and I know it’s not sustainable.


250,000,000 people on a do not call? How the hell are you going to find someone? I mean, I probably lose 70, 60% of everything I’ve got. But the rules are the rules and the law is the law us. So I’d be very careful with that.


In conclusion, gold leads are the type of leads that includes contact information, individuals or businesses interested in buying or selling gold. These leads can be useful tool for gold dealers, investment firms, and businesses involved in buying and selling gold.


When using these leads, business leads should ensure that they are targeted the right audience using leads ethically and responsibly complying with applicable laws. Again, they’re not being specific about complying with what laws.


But let me give you the big secret here. The big secret about gold leads is that there’s two ways to go. The accredited investor makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, or $300,000 combined million net worth, not including their home, and has experience in managing his personal portfolio.


The ones I sell are liquid $25 to $50,000. And then you have your Pneumatic coin buyers. Those guys are liquid for, I don’t know, 800, 1502, three, four, 5000, maybe. One out of 100 guys that buys coins from you has enough to do a $25,000 deal.


You buy the accredited investors and those guys are minimum $25,000. So think about the commissions, think about the profit, and think about how much less you have to mark something up to make money and make ends meet.


So the reason why people shy away from a credit investor is because most of the coin guys aren’t strong enough to ask for money. They’re afraid to ask for money. Who’s an accredited investor that buys one coin?


They’re going to buy a kilo of gold. They’re going to buy 100 ounce bar of gold or 5000 ounce bar gold, you know, once that Wells Fargo truck pulls away and they put that shiny 100 ounce bar of gold or kilo gold or whatever it is they have in their safe, you know, you’ve got credibility.


They believe you now and you know, so what if you only make $5,000 on a $100,000 investment, you know, so what? Because he’s going to buy more. You know, that’s what it’s, it. So the markups are touched.


They’re touch and go. But the bottom line is it’s what the market will bear is how most people operate. A lot of information. I would rather see you by the accredited investors to the Numismatic Coin buyers.


They’re the same cost. If you have any questions, feel free to call me 561-239-0364. As I said before, we’ve been in business for 32 years. We have an A plus rating. Any disconnect, wrong numbers, idiots.


We got 1.4 million professional litigators. We scrub for you free. With the right guys. We’ve been around for a long time. Have a beautiful day. Thank you for your time and God bless.