Hi, everybody. John Fischer- salesleads.tv. Let’s talk about high-net-worth-investor leads. A lot of people call me up. ‘Hey, John. Have you got high-net-worth-investor leads? The best I can tell you is they’re accredited. And an accredited investor has a 200,000 income last two years, 300,000 combined if he’s married, a million net worth not including his home- that’s the minimum, and he has experience in managing his personal portfolio. That’s what I bring to the table. We call ‘em PP Crème. PP stands for private placement; crème stands for the cream of the crop. We normally sell it, if you have 3 /4 guys on the phone twenty-five hundred dollars; they’re a dollar apiece. You get 625 times 4 files. I like diversity. Each file has its own characteristic. And then I give you the Big Dogs.

Now, the Big Dogs definitely have a higher net worth. The Big Dogs are qualified for a quarter million dollar minimum, as opposed to the PP Crèmes, the dollar ones; they’re 25 to 50,000 qualified. These are qualified quarter-million dollar minimum, and must have five million in investible assets. So, there’s accredited investor, which is a million net worth, not including his home, and then there’s what we call a qualified, accredited investor. The qualified, accredited investor has to be used for hedge funds and what we call master private placements. So, the person I get these from—I’ve been getting them for years—is doing a master private placement. 95% of the people he calls are businesses- five million plus. He feels that’s a sweet spot.