Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Salesleads.TV, high net Worth Investors. So, I mean, high net worth investors is a vague term. And when it comes to people selling private placement memorandums, you have to get a little more defined.

You’re supposed to have accredited investors. These people must be accredited. They must pass the rules of an accredited investor. 200,000 income last two years, 300,000 combined million net worth, not including your home experience, and manage their personal portfolio.

And on top of that, these people also supposed to qualify them. I mean, our stuff, had they been asked, hey, do you do you have $25,000? Is it risk capital? And then they mail them a private placement memorandum.

So I’m giving you the best possible product that I can give you for someone that’s marketing a private placement reg D 504 506 C, which is what most people are marketing these days right now. So forget high net worth investors.

It’s not good enough to ask the guy if he’s a high net worth investor. You have to ask him, hey, are you an accredited investor? Here is the definition of a credit investor. And if he says, yes, I am an accredited investor, you’re cool.

Now, if you’re doing a hedge fund or if you’re doing a master private placement, the rules change. Now, a qualified, accredited investor quarter million minimum risk capital and at least 5 million in investable assets.

And again, master private placements and hedge funds are only allowed to use qualified, qualified credit investors. Boy, if I didn’t confuse you, I confused me. You have any questions, call me. John Fischer, 561-239-0364.

Have a beautiful day and God bless.