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High Net Worth Investors

Hey everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to, I’m the owner. We’ve been in business 29 years, we have an A plus rating, I’m a one man operation; that’s important because you know what, as good as I am, how many times can I sell a lead? Now you get into the village bike and the Kentucky fried turkey that they sell off the West Coast and I’ll tell you what, it’s hammered – enough people are mad – and I know because I keep getting their customers, every week I pick up five six seven accounts and they’re saying they’re seek of their leads, you know.
So, what makes me different is from being in business 29 years I’ve developed a clientele and when I buy that stuff from them, they’ve already gone through the craziness with those people, I don’t have anything to do with them, so I’m able to guard my down. I’m able to tell you 75 to 80 percent of my data, I’m the only guy who buys them, I know because when I buy data, I tell people send me their phone numbers and then I see how much is village bike, how much is litigators, how much is you know, whatever and I’m able to tell by what percentage of village bike or what percentage of fresh stuff it is, what database I am buying so I got a good idea. I’ve collected just about 90 percent of what’s out there in the last 29 years.

Let’s talk about high net worth investors and high net worth individuals. I mean, to me a high net worth is a million plus and to be an accredited investor you have to make $200,000 a year for the last two years, at least a million net worth not including your home and experience in managing your own portfolio and that’s what we sell. They’re qualified by brokers, the guys vested in the deal is looking to make a 10 percent commission, they’re really really good leads. Again, I mean how high net worth can I go? I could go to the big dogs which are $5 apiece and those people are qualified quarter million minimum and they must have at least five million in investable assets. Don’t ask me for anybody else higher than five million net worth because I just can’t do it. I mean, I could sell you business dames of guys that own companies with over a billion dollars in annual sales and there’s a good chance he’s going to be a quarter billionaire, you’ll have 250 million but it’s all guesses you know.

One thing I can provide you is your accredited investor, a million net worth not including his home and the qualified accredited investor which will be a quarter million minimum, liquid risk capital with at least five million in investable assets. So, he’s got to have a much higher net worth than $ 5 million. I hope I made this whole thing clear for you.

If you have any questions feel free to call me, John Fisher: 561-239-0364.