Finding Accredited Investors Interested in Your Investment Opportunity

If you are raising money, it is important to find accredited investors that are interested in your opportunity. There are several ways to make your opportunity more appealing, and it is important to start with a well-crafted private placement and executive summary. Without these documents in hand, you will not be ready to pitch your deal. You can create it yourself or work with a lawyer or private placement company to have one created. The latter is less expensive than an attorney and will still help to craft your message. With a killer PPM in hand, you can start to reach out to investors.

There are several traditional ways of finding SEC Accredited Investors. This has typically been done by speaking at angel investment forums and networking within the local community. These are still viable options that should be explored, however, this is a modern era. Almost everything that was once done in person can now be started online. Companies like and now have an online site you can visit to secure an accredited investor lead list.

Here are some other sites that can help you on how to find accredited investors online:

LinkedIn. This is a social networking site that is geared towards professionals. You can build a network of people throughout the world and use them as online referral sources. Instead of strictly relying on local attorneys, bankers, and CPAs to refer investors to you, these online connections can become remote referral sources. While it takes time to sift through your connections, it is still a faster way to connect with more referral sources.

GoBigNetwork. This is a place for investors and entrepreneurs to connect. It is primarily geared towards the tech industry, but anyone can participate. Simply create a profile and post your opportunity to be viewed by investors at their convenience. You never know who you will meet through a platform like this. This is another online platform that allows start-ups to post about their company and investment opportunity to be reviewed by the investment community. Consider it as your online pitch, instead of the in person one. When people become interested, they will reach out for more information. Companies and entrepreneurs can connect through this platform so that businesses can raise money, and investors have access to additional deals. The investments start at $1,000 which enables a larger group of investors to participate.

These sites represent an excellent opportunity to expose your private offering to a wider audience. The challenge is that you are not in control. If you need to find accredited investors, these sites turn the table so that they can find you. By posting your opportunity, investors can view your information and the details but you are typically unable to reach out to them directly. It is a good strategy to implement in combination with traditional methods like calling leads from an accredited investor list. This way you can be proactive with your activities while marketing your offering to a larger audience.