Hey everybody. My name is John Fischer. I own SalesLeads.tv. Let me tell you why I started this web site. I’m not happy to say that the list broker business, the people that sell leads; a lot of them are not exactly the kind of people you want to buy leads from. There are a lot of unscrupulous characters. And I’ll tell you what.

A lot of data is being sold that’s just pure junk. So what I’ve done is to make sure that you don’t get ripped off. I built a website that’s called FindAListBroker.info. Some of the things, some of the tips you’ve got to look at to keep from getting ripped off. That’s assuming of course you’re not buying leads from me. I mean you really shouldn’t even go through any of this. All you’ve got to do is just buy from me. But let me help you anyway because I tend to turn a few people off. I am aggressive. I am cocky. And I really am the best.

I mean I’m the only guy – the only list broker that has an A+ rating. And by the way the BBB back in the old days did have some problems with reputation. You could buy rankings or you could pay off the BBB. That was years and years and years ago. Right now the BBB is legit. And if a list broker rips you off I mean what is your –? You know I me where can you go? So the only place you really can lodge a complaint is going to be with the Better Business Bureau.

And if there are any problems at all that’s where most people go. The A+ rating that we have at SalesLeads.tv – that’s 26 years of doing business with not one complaint. That’s an A+. Check out some of the other list brokers. See where their BBB ratings are. They don’t post them because they’re probably D for dog or do not buy. And this is not about a mudslinging situation because there are some list brokers out there that I do respect. But here’s what you’ve got to watch out for – the big news.

Don’t wire – never wire – especially the first time you buy from a list broker. It’s a perfect recipe to get ripped off. How are you getting your money back? Use a credit card. Don’t give them your credit card information. Try to go through a PayPal portal. The beautiful thing about PayPal why we use PayPal is we never get to see your credit card information. My employees; no one can ever hack your credit card to steal them. And believe me I have documented information about this going on with California list brokers.

Be very careful. Don’t give anyone your credit card information. Another thing is the do not call. Are they telling you about the Federal Trade Commission do not call? Are they telling you about the states – the bad states – the states that we just don’t call: Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Hawaii? These are problematic states. What’s wrong with them is they’re over-regulated and regardless of what you do you’re going to have a problem – especially Pennsylvania. By the way you oil and gas guys stay out of Colorado right now – witch hunt. There’s a real problem right now with the oil and gas industry and the Colorado security people.

Let’s talk about the litigator’s lists. Now this one should scare the crap out of you. Do you realize that there are over 70,000 litigators out there? These are professional litigators dying for you to call them so they can sue you for $100,000.00. Don’t take my word for it. Google DNC litigators. Guess what! At SalesLeads.tv we buy that litigator scrub. We pay that extra money. And on the monthly updates we make sure we pull everybody out.

So the big difference between how we do business and how they do business is pretty clear. Check my web site out. It’s FindAListBroker.info. And then go to the mothership and let’s put that order in at SalesLeads.tv: 561-981-8777.

Have a nice day.