If you are wondering how to tell if a sales lead is an accredited investor, you probably started with the wrong lead list. If you need an accredited investor because you are pitching a private placement, you need to be certain that they are accredited before you contact them and pitch anything.

If you pitch a private placement to a nonaccredited investor you could be in violation of SEC guidelines and put your entire deal at risk. Put simply, it is not worth it.

Hit the pause button and purchase a lead list of accredited investors. We can help with that.

What about your currently list?

Okay, so if you need to know how to tell if the sales leads list is of accredited investors, there are still a few things you can do. It’s going to take you time, fair warning, but these steps will give you some options if you’re not ready to buy new list.

You are going to have to ask.

If you did not start out with a lead list that contained only certified accredited investors, the only way you will know if someone is accredited is to ask each individual investor. We know, that sucks. But – you need to know if an investor is accredited before you pitch them the private placement so this is a list of ways that you can make that ask.

1. Create a series of questions to ask on the phone before discussing your investment opportunity

These questions should include asking if they are an accredited investor and if so, if they were certified by an independent organization. It’s okay if they self-certify too.

2. Run an inbound marketing campaign

If you have the email addresses of your leads, it is possible to create an inbound marketing campaign where they are sent an email that links them to a landing page. That landing page could ask a series of questions, including for them to certify their accreditation status. Once they do, they could be given information on the particular investment automatically. This type of campaign serves two purposes. First, it allows you to capture their accreditation status in writing and two, you will know who has downloaded the information so that you can follow up on hot leads.

3. Send them a letter

For your leads who may not spend a lot of time online, or when their new email addresses in your lead list, try sending a letter instead. The letter could introduce who you are and your company and then provide a second sheet for them to then back requesting information along with certifying their accreditation status. Be sure to include a postage-paid return envelope to make the process as easy as possible. Anyone who takes the time to send a letter back is certainly a hot lead.

Sound too hard?

If you don’t want to go through the process of learning how to tell if a sales lead is an in credited investor, purchase a new list. Our accredited investor leads list will ensure that you are contacting the right people from the very start.

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