Cold calling is an important part of business. Companies and sales people, need to make sales in order to stay in business.  When the phone isn’t ringing, making outbound calls is the solution.  Whether you are calling B2C or B2B it is important to start with a quality lead list that has been scrubbed against the Do Not Call registry.  Many business owners use their personal phone number,which could be registered with the DNC, so scrub all of your lead lists on a regular basis.  Once you have your sales list ready there are steps you can take to improve your cold calling results.

Here are our favorite cold calling tips.

  • Become an expert.  You should be the expert in your business, your industry, your products, investment offering etc.  Spending time brushing up on industry news so that you aren’t caught off guard by any questions.
  • Prepare your space.  If possible, call from a quiet room with your supplies laid out in front of you.  Whether taking hand written notes or using a computer, you need to document what happens on each call for follow up.
  • Narrow your focus.  Call prospects about one specific product, service, or investment opportunity at a time.  This will enable you to get into a grove and as you answer the same questions, you will continue to improve.
  • Understand your goals.  What is your objective for the call?  Is it setting an appointment, closing a sale, or transferring them to another closer?  Focus your goals so you can track your success rate and look for ways to improve.
  • Perfect your pitch.  When making cold calls, you may only have seconds to capture their attention.  Practice your pitch and make changes until you are able to capture and hold the attention on the other line.
  • Objections.  You will hear a range of objections from “I don’t have time to talk” to “Your product’s bad”.  Have an answer to objections so you can quickly and easily overcome them.
  • Make it personal.  Explain how what you are selling will improve their life, make their job easier, make them money etc.  People don’t want to hear about you.  They want to hear what you can do for them.
  • Give examples.  When making cold calls it helps to be able to give examples of how what your selling is helping other people in the area.  For example, “Tom down the street just bought this and his business saved $300.”
  • Ask for the sale.  Many salespeople make the mistake of not asking for the close.  Once you have given them information don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.  Do not miss the opportunity by ending the call without trying to close the deal.

How to Make Cold Calls More Effective

Make your cold calls more effective by starting with a quality lead list, perfecting your pitch, and incorporating these tips.  Every time you reach a prospect it is your opportunity to close a sale.  Make it count and don’t waste a moment.