Hi, buddy. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads TV. So let’s talk about an introduction to salesleads TV. If you look at the actual website, there’s a real story of 30 years history of John Fisher, and I’m blowing my whistle.

But by the way, that should be a 32 year history, not 30. And but, you know, it’s going to tell you a lot about, you know, what we did and what we done. But we’ve been around that long. 32, 32 years, over $25 million in sales.

We have an A plus rating. I mean, if you look us up, you may find some stuff on the Ripoff Report, which is a rip off. They actually called us up and said, we can get rid of this if you send us $25,000.

They actually moved offshore. And I got a couple of BBB complaints from, I don’t know, 2006 or whatever. And recently I had some guy with Alzheimer’s, and I actually voluntarily gave his money back because the guy is just something that’s wrong with him.

I actually feel sorry for him. But other than that, we run a clean business. We back up everything. Our people are really happy. And back two or three years ago, he said, we have zero complaints in 30 years, or whatever it was.

And I just say, man, that shit is too good to be true. And then I said to myself, wow, I don’t know. Maybe it’d be nice to have it. It’s one or two complaints. And then the Better Business Bureau called me up and they said, John, your video says that you have no complaints.

You got one in 2006. I go, really? I go from where? It’s from Lithuania. I’m like what? I want to see that. Well, it’s not in our archives anymore. I’m like, oh, that’s cute. But I got that one complaint.

So that’s kind of and then I asked a woman who bought an email list who thought that every email would say, I’m so happy you emailed me. Yes, I want to buy, you know, so anyway, two, three, four I’ve only had two of them, and I think that’s a really, really good record.

I’m a closer. I used to be a commodity broker. I’ve been involved in sales for a long, long time. And I could tell you I do the best possible job to make your happy. If you have a sand number, the Federal Trade Commission do not call.

I’ll scrub your leads. If you don’t have a sand number, I’ll get you one. If you don’t want a sand number, you’ll sign my indemnity form. My opinion is that Sam, with 250 million people on the Do Not Call, it’s not sustainable.

It makes no sense whatsoever. It’s almost impossible to sustain. How the hell can you really do any kind of business? Business to business must be exempt. And half the people on Dun and Brad Street are on the do not call.

There’s no policing. There’s no nothing. It’s insanity. But if you’re a new asmatic coin guy or you’re selling precious metals, your regulators, the Federal Trade Commission, you’re pretty stupid not to have a sand number.

That’s my opinion. We have litigators. You got to be careful there’s, DNC. Litigators. And those guys are really all they do for a living, is the actual litigating. So they have throwaway phones. They call you up.

Hey, I’m on the do not call. $78,000. I’m going to report you to the FTC. Those guys will ruin your days. I’ve got some customers that are some of the best customers, really macho, big balls kind of guys.

And they’re reduced a little whim. John, can you help me out, please? What do we do? And it’s like, well, you bought your leads with somebody else that doesn’t scrub that stuff out, and go tell him he’s the one who sold you the list.

And I usually make him send me a $5,000 order, and then I’d show him how to get out of it. But most of those guys are blackmailer, so we take care of that. We never send duplicates. We’re really sophisticated.

We sold you something. We’re not going to sell them to you again. If you have a suppression list, which means you just send the phone numbers, and I make sure not to send you anything you already own.

We do that internally. With what we sold you before, none of our competitors have that. By the way, we have almost no competition whatsoever. So Salesmegs TV is the right guy you want to be doing business with.

We have integrity, and we’re going to take really, really good care of you. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.